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Components Ease the Development of Next Generation Java Software


(Los Altos Hills, California) – December 8, 1998 – Wildcrest Associates today announced the availability of three JavaBeans components that speed the development of Java software for the new Sun Microsystems, Inc., Java (TM) Development Kit, JDK (TM) version 1.2.

Two of the components, JEditList and JMultiLineLabel, are Swing (TM)-based components designed to take unique advantage of the greatly enhanced user interface environment of JDK 1.2. The other, TextPrinter, is an updated version of Wildcrest Associates’ popular paginated text printing solution.

"JDK 1.2 is the Java we've all been waiting for. It provides the architecture and features needed to develop serious applications in Java," said Mike Potel, president and founder of Wildcrest Associates. "JDK 1.2 is fertile ground for the creation of interesting JavaBeans components like ours. Our products do more, run better, and get done faster because of JDK 1.2."

"Wildcrest Associates recognizes the real business value that the Java platform, particularly the next release of the JDK, holds for software developers," said Jon Kannegaard, vice president and general manager of the Java platform at Sun Microsystems, Inc.'s Java Software. "We are delighted to see Wildcrest Associates underscore its commitment to the Java platform and to the advancement of Java.”

The suggested U.S. retail prices of the three products are TextPrinter $99, JEditList $39, and JMultiLineLabel $29 for individual royalty-free developer licenses. Site licenses, source code, and customization services are also available. Evaluation copies, purchase, and delivery are available through the Wildcrest Associates web site at http://www.wildcrest.com.

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