WILDCREST ASSOCIATES: Strategic Supporter of JDKTM 1.2 

Wildcrest Associates is a Silicon Valley-based software company offering specialized, professional quality components and associated consulting services for Java developers. 

Extending its earlier line of AWT-based components and tools, Wildcrest Associates has announced the availability of three JavaBeans components that speed the development of Java software for the new JDKTM 1.2 release from Sun Microsystems, Inc.

¤ Wildcrest Associates JDK 1.2-compatible products based on Java Technology
JEditList Swing JavaBean
JEditList is a Swing (JFC) JList JavaBean which users can interactively modify, reorder, & navigate.  It has full JList compatibility plus lets users insert, delete, edit, cut/copy/paste, drag reorder, sort, keystroke jump-to, page scroll, undo/redo, and more.  JEditList is fully customizable and is ideal for entering and updating lists, selecting subsets, and indicating order, ranking, priorities, & sequences.  ($39)

JMultiLineLabel Swing JavaBean
JMultiLineLabel is a Swing (JFC) JavaBean for displaying multiple line text labels. It provides a convenient means for displaying blocks of text in dialog boxes, help screens, status reports, and instructions. It supports line breaks, line spacing, variable tab expansion, insets, line wrap, font selection, height autosizing, and a multi-line property sheet editor.  ($29)

TextPrinter JavaBean
TextPrinter is a JavaBean that makes it easy to print multipage single font text documents from Java applications.  It supports pagination, line wrap, line breaks, line spacing, tab expansion, margins, headers, footers, page numbering, date and time formatting, and font selection.  Works with both JDK 1.2 and JDK 1.1 systems. Our most popular component!  ($99)

¤ See an online demo
For online demos, documentation, downloads of free evaluation versions, and purchasing information, please visit the Wildcrest Associates software page.
¤ Building the Future on Java Technology
To learn more about the Java platform and JDK 1.2 software, visit Sun's Java Technology site.