IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications

Applications Department Archive 1994-present

Department Editor: Mike Potel

Rev: 12/1/2017




Visual Communication and Cognition in Everyday Decision-Making


Claudine Jaenichen , Chapman University (USA)



Visual Analytics for Spatial Clusters of Air-Quality Data


Zhiguang Zhou , Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics (China)

Zhifei Ye , Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics

Yanan Liu , Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics

Fang Liu , Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics

Yubo Tao , Zhejiang University

Weihua Su , Zhejiang Gongshang University



Performance-Based Animation Using Constraints for Virtual Object Manipulation


Jaepyung Hwang , Hanyang University (South Korea)

Kwanguk Kim , Hanyang University

Il Hong Suh , Hanyang University

Taesoo Kwon , Hanyang University



Efficient Surgical Cutting with Position-Based Dynamics


Iago Berndt , Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

Rafael Torchelsen , Federal University of Pelotas

Anderson Maciel , Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul



STRAD Wheel: Web-Based Library for Visualizing Temporal Data


Diana Fernondez-Prieto , University of Kaiserslautern (Germany)

Carol Naranjo-Valero , German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence

Jose Tiberio Hernandez , University of Los Andes (Columbia)

Hans Hagen , University of Kaiserslautern



Interactive Exploration of 3D Scanned Baggage


Michael Traore , Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (France)

Christophe Hurter , Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile





Customized Body Mapping to Facilitate the Ergonomic Design of Sportswear 

Mingliang Cao , Foshan University (Taiwan)

Yi Li , University of Manchester

Yueping Guo , Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Lei Yao , Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel

Zhigeng Pan , Hangzhou Normal University



Wearable Real-Time Skateboard Trick Visualization and Its Community Perception

Benjamin H. Groh , Friedrich-Alexander-UniversitŠt Erlangen-NŸrnberg (Germany)

Jasmin Flaschka , Friedrich-Alexander-UniversitŠt Erlangen-NŸrnberg

Markus Wirth , Friedrich-Alexander-UniversitŠt Erlangen-NŸrnberg

Thomas Kautz , Friedrich-Alexander-UniversitŠt Erlangen-NŸrnberg

Martin Fleckenstein , Friedrich-Alexander-UniversitŠt Erlangen-NŸrnberg

Bjoern M. Eskofier , Friedrich-Alexander-UniversitŠt Erlangen-NŸrnberg



Precision Agriculture: Using Low-Cost Systems to Acquire Low-Altitude Image

Moacir Ponti , University of Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Arthur A. Chaves , University of Sao Paulo

Fabio R. Jorge , University of Sao Paulo

Gabriel B.P. Costa , University of Sao Paulo

Adimara Colturato , University of Sao Paulo

Kalinka R.L.J.C. Branco , University of Sao Paulo



A System for Integrated Visualization in Oil Exploration and Production

Alberto Raposo , Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Luciano Reis , Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

Vinicius Rodrigues , Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

Rodrigo Pinheiro , Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

Pablo Elias , Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

Renato Cherullo , Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro



Lessons Learned from Designing Visualization Dashboards

Maria-Elena Froese , University of Victoria (Canada)

Melanie Tory , Tableau Research (USA)


Virtual Sculpting and 3D Printing for Young People with Disabilities


Leigh Mcloughlin , Bournemouth University (UK)

Oleg Fryazinov , Bournemouth University

Mark Moseley , Victoria Education Centre

Mathieu Sanchez , Bournemouth University

Valery Adzhiev , Bournemouth University

Peter Comninos , Bournemouth University

Alexander Pasko , Bournemouth University





CraMs: Craniometric Analysis Application Using 3D Skull Models


Paulo Dias , DETI, IEETA, University of Aveiro (Portugal)

Luis Neves , University of Aveiro

Daniel Santos , University of Aveiro

Catarina Coelho , University of Coimbra

Maria Teresa Ferreira , Forensic Sciences Center, Univ. of Coimbra

Helder Santos , Grupo Dryas Octopetala

Samuel Silva , IEETA, University of Aveiro

Beatriz Sousa Santos , DETI, IEETA, University of Aveiro



Contiguous Animated Edge-Based Cartograms for Traffic Visualization


Pedro Cruz , University of Coimbra (Portugal)

Antonio Cruz , University of Coimbra

Penousal Machado , University of Coimbra



Premo: DreamWorks Animation's New Approach to Animation


Paul Carmen DiLorenzo , DreamWorks Animation (USA)



Using Visualization to Derive Insights from Research Funding Portfolios


Andreea Molnar , Portsmouth University (UK)

Ann F. McKenna , Arizona State University (USA)

Qing Liu , Arizona State University

Mihaela Vorvoreanu , Purdue University (USA)

Krishna Madhavan , Purdue University



Midair User Interfaces Employing Particle Screens


Ismo Rakkolainen , University of Tampere, Finland

Antti Sand , University of Tampere, Finland

Karri Palovuori , Tampere University of Technology, Finland



A VR-Based Serious Game for Studying Emotional Regulation in Adolescents

Alejandro Rodriguez , Universitat Politcnica de Valncia, Spain

Beatriz Rey , Universitat Politcnica de Valncia, Spain

Ma Dolores Vara , Universidad de Valencia, Spain

Maja Wrzesien , Universitat Politcnica de Valncia, Spain

Mariano Alcaniz , Universitat Politcnica de Valncia, Spain

Rosa Ma Banos , Universidad de Valencia, Spain

David Perez-Lopez , Universitat Politcnica de Valncia, Spain







Using Global Illumination in Volume Visualization of Rheumatoid Arthritis CT Data

Lin Zheng , University of California at Davis (USA)

Abhijit J. Chaudhari , University of California at Davis

Ramsey D. Badawi , University of California at Davis

Kwan-Liu Ma , University of California at Davis



Modeling Heading in Adult Soccer Players

Ernesto Ponce , Universidad de Tarapac‡ (Chile)

Daniel Ponce , Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

Max Andresen , Pontificia Universidad Cat—lica de Chile



Weavy: Interactive Card-Weaving Design and Construction

Yuki Igarashi , University of Tsukuba (Japan)

Jun Mitani , University of Tsukuba



A Brain Surgery Simulator

Goretti Echegaray , Centre of Studies and Technical Research (CEIT), Spain

Imanol Herrera , Centre of Studies and Technical Research (CEIT)

Iker Aguinaga , Centre of Studies and Technical Research (CEIT)

Carlos Buchart , Centre of Studies and Technical Research (CEIT)

Diego Borro , Centre of Studies and Technical Research (CEIT)



Designing Emergency-Medical Service Helicopter Interiors Using Virtual Manikins

Rafal Michalski , Wroclaw Univ. of Tech., Poland

Jerzy Grobelny , Wroclaw Univ. of Tech., Poland



Investigating Landfill Contamination by Visualizing Geophysical Data

Vitor Goncalves , Polytech. Inst. of Castelo Branco, Castelo Branco, Portugal

Paulo Dias , Univ. of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal

Maria Joao Fontoura , Univ. of Porto, Porto, Portugal

Rui Moura , Univ. of Porto, Porto, Portugal

Beatriz Sousa Santos , Univ. of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal





Design-to-Fabricate: Maker Hardware Requires Maker Software

Ryan Schmidt , Autodesk Research (USA)

Matt Ratto , Univ. of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada



Vehicle Teleoperation Using 3D Maps and GPS Time Synchronization

T. Suzuki , Tokyo Univ. of Marine Sci. & Technol., Tokyo, Japan

Y. Amano , Waseda Univ., Tokyo, Japan

T. Hashizume , Waseda Univ., Tokyo, Japan

N. Kubo , Tokyo Univ. of Marine Sci. & Technol., Tokyo, Japan



Visual Matrix Clustering of Social Networks

Pak Chung Wong , Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA)

P. Mackey , Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA)

H. Foote , Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA)

R. May , Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA)



Viewing Chinese Art on an Interactive Tabletop

Chun-ko Hsieh , Nat. Taiwan Univ., Taipei, Taiwan

Yi-Ping Hung , Nat. Taiwan Univ., Taipei, Taiwan

M. Ben-Ezra , MIT Media Lab., MA, USA

Hsin-Fang Hsieh , Nat. Palace Museum, Taiwan



Haptic-Based Training for Tank Gunnery Using Decoupled Motion Control

Guanyang Liu , Beihang University, China

Keke Lu , Beihang University, China

Yuru Zhang , Beihang University, China



The Therapeutic Lamp: Treating Small-Animal Phobias

M. Wrzesien , Univ. Politec. de Valencia, Valencia, Spain

M. Alca–iz , Univ. Politec. de Valencia, Valencia, Spain

C. Botella , Univ. Jaume I, Castellon, Spain

J-M Burkhardt , Inst. Francais des Sci. et Technol. des Transp., France

J. Bret—n-L—pez , Univ. Jaume I, Castellon, Spain

M. Ortega , Univ. Politec. de Valencia, Valencia, Spain

D. B. Brotons , Univ. Politec. de Valencia, Valencia, Spain





Visualizing Marine Environment Changes to the Saemangeum Coast

Jinah Kim , Korea Inst. of Ocean Sci. & Technol., South Korea

Jinah Park , Korea Adv. Inst. of Sci. & Technol., Daejeon, South Korea



Graphics Performance in Rich Internet Applications

R. C. Hoetzlein , Aalborg Univ. Copenhagen, Aalborg, Denmark




Real-Time Visualization of Domain Coverages by Dynamically Moving Sensors

James R. Miller , University of Kansas, USA




Rapid Dissemination of Light Transport Models on the Web

Thomas Dimson , University of Waterloo, Canada

Daniel Yim , University of Waterloo

Bradley Kimmel , University of Waterloo

Erik Miranda , University of Waterloo

Gladimir V.G. Baranoski , University of Waterloo

Tenn F. Chen , University of Waterloo



Epinome: A Visual Analytics Workbench for Epidemiology Data

Yarden Livnat , University of Utah, USA

Matthew H. Samore , University of Utah

Theresa-Marie Rhyne , University of Utah



Seri Rama: Converting a Shadow Play Puppet to Street Fighter


Dahlan Bin Abdul Ghani , Universiti Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




Modeling Neck and Brain Injuries in Infants

Daniel Ponce , Universidad Federal de Santa Catarina, Chile

Ernesto Ponce , Universidad de Tarapac‡



Deco: A Designing Editor for Rhinestone Decoration

Yuki Igarashi , University of Tsukuba, Japan




Digitally Interpreting Traditional Folk Crafts

Turlif Vilbrandt , Digital Materialization Lab, Japan

Cherie Stamm , Uformia

Alexander Pasko , Bournemouth University, UK

Carl Vilbrandt , Digital Materialization Lab, Chile

Galina Ivanovna Pasko , British Institute of Technology and E-commerce



Affecticon: Emotion-based Icons for Music Retrieval

In-Kwon Lee , Yonsei University, South Korea

Min-Joon Yoo , Yonsei University



Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing of Customized Insoles

Chung-Neng Huang , National University of Tainan, Taiwan

Ming-Yih Lee , Chang-Guang University

Chong-Ching Chang , National University of Tainan



Augmented Reality for Aircraft Maintenance Training and Operations Support

Franco Persiani , University of Bologna, Italy

Pietro Azzari , Snap-On Equipment

Samuele Salti , University of Bologna

Massimiliano Fantini , University of Bologna

Luigi Di Stefano , University of Bologna

Francesca De Crescenzio , University of Bologna





3DUI 2010 Contest Grand Prize Winners


SŽbastien Kuntz , I'm in VR (France)

Felipe Bacim , Virginia Tech (USA)

Sofie Notelaers , Hasselt University (Belgium)

Regis Kopper , Virginia Tech

Tao Ni , Virginia Tech

Doug A. Bowman , Virginia Tech

Yoshifumi Kitamura , Tohoku University (Japan)

Karin Coninx , Hasselt University

Tom De Weyer , Hasselt University

Anamary Leal , Virginia Tech

Pablo Figueroa , Universidad de los Andes (Colombia)

Johanna Renny Octavia , Hasselt University

Lode Vanacken , Hasselt University

Steven Maesen , Hasselt University

Anastasiia Beznosyk , Hasselt University


Winning entries from the 2010 IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces contest.



Understanding and Interpreting Multivalued Astronomical Data 

Timothy Urness , Drake University (USA)

Charles Nelson , Drake University

Kory Kreimeyer , Drake University

Jordan Mirocha , Drake University

Thomas Marrinan , Drake University


Interactive 3D visualization of Seyfert galaxies.



Holly: A Drawing Editor for Designing Stencils 


Yuki Igarashi , University of Tsukuba (Japan)

Takeo Igarashi , University of Tokyo


Interactive graphics editor for drawing and automatic generation of stencil patterns.



Using Mid-Range Laser Scanners to Digitize Cultural-Heritage Sites


Adam P. Spring , Archaeovault (UK)

Caradoc Peters , University of Plymouth, Truro College Campus

Tom Minns , Combined Universities in Cornwall


Data capture and modeling of historic buildings with mid-range laser scanning.



i3Drive, a 3D Interactive Driving Simulator 

Ivan Prebil , University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Miha Ambro_ , University of Ljubljana


Modeling and validation of wheeled-vehicle dynamics in virtual 3D environments.



Visual Classification: Expert Knowledge Guides Machine Learning

Stephanie Santosa , Oculus Info (USA)

Joseph MacInnes , Oculus Info

William Wright , Oculus Info


Visualization of expert-guided clustering and classification in complex data sets.






Voreen: A Rapid-Prototyping Environment for Ray-Casting-Based Volume Visualizations

J. Meyer-Spradow , Univ. of Munster, Munster, Germany

T. Ropinski , Univ. of Munster, Munster, Germany

J. Mensmann , Univ. of Munster, Munster, Germany

K. Hinrichs , Univ. of Munster, Munster, Germany


GPU-based volume raycasting used for 3D medical imaging.



Creating Musical-Fountain Shows 

In-Kwon Lee , Yonsei University, South Korea

Min-Joon Yoo , Yonsei University


Tools and techniques for creating lighted musical fountain shows synchronized with accompanying music.



A Virtual Environment for Teaching Social Skills: AViSSS

Justin A. Ehrlich , University of Kansas, USA

James R. Miller , University of Kansas


3D virtual environment helping teens with AspergerÕs syndrome overcome social interaction disabilities.



Presenting DEViSE: Data Exchange for Visualizing Security Events

Andrew Blyth , University of Glamorgan, Wales, UK

Huw Read , University of Glamorgan

Konstantinos Xynos , University of Glamorgan


Interactive tools for visualization of network security data and detection of intrusion events.



The Booze Cruise: Impaired Driving in Virtual Spaces 

John Heerema , University of Calgary, Canada

Phillipa Gil , University of Calgary

Nathan Sorenson , University of Calgary

James R. Parker , University of Calgary

Vishal Kochlar , University of Calgary

Ronan Sicre , University of Calgary

Lori Shyba , University of Calgary

Nooshin Esmaeili , University of Calgary


Serious game design case study using a 3D game engine to simulate the effects of driving while impaired.



Visual Exploration of the Vulcan CO_ Data

Bedrich Bene_ , Purdue University, USA

Kathy Corbin , Colorado State University

Nathan Andrysco , Purdue University

Kevin Robert Gurney , Purdue University


Atmospheric modeling at high resolution for analyzing climate change.





Uniting the Paper and Digital Worlds 

Keri Schreiner , Word1Editorial (USA)


Evolution of digital pen and paper technologies for notetaking including novel features, design challenges, and usability.



A Prototype for Cartographic Human Body Analysis

Aderito Marcos , University of Minho (Portugal)

Joao Espregueira-Mendes , University of Minho

Maribel Yasmina Santos , University of Minho

Elizabeth Carvalho , University of Minho


Data modeling & visualization in 3D medical image mapping.



Overcoming the Uncanny Valley 

Tom Geller , (USA)


Theories and real-world issues involved in creating near-human representations that avoid being disconcerting.



Using a Game Engine for VR Simulations in Evacuation Planning

Antonio Carlos A. Mol , Comiss‹o Nacional de Energia Nuclear, Brazil

Pedro M. Couto , Faculdades Para?so, Brazil

Carlos Alexandre F. Jorge , Comiss‹o Nacional de Energia Nuclear, Brazil


3D game engine for analyzing emergency building evacuations.



Evaluating Visual Analytics at the 2007 VAST Symposium Contest

Catherine Plaisant , University of Maryland (USA)

Theresa O'Connell , National Institute of Standards and Technology

Georges Grinstein , University of Massachusetts Lowell

Kanupriya Singhal , Georgia Institute of Technology

William Wright , Oculus Info

John Stasko , Georgia Institute of Technology

Neel Parekh , Georgia Institute of Technology

Annie Tat , Oculus Info

Sharon Laskowski , National Institute of Standards and Technology

Jean Scholtz , Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Lynn Chien , Oculus Info

Mark Whiting , Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Zhicheng Liu , Georgia Institute of Technology

Carsten Gšrg , Georgia Institute of Technology


Methodology and discussion of winning entries using visual analytics to evaluate complex datasets.



Digital Games Target Social Change

Keri Schreiner , Word1Editorial (USA)


Video games designed to inspire social change, game categories with examples, technical and business challenges and trends.




GPU-Based Interactive, Stereoscopic Visualization of Automotive Crash Simulations

Greg Watson , Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing (VPAC), Australia

Kaiwei Sun , Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing (VPAC), Australia

Chris Seeling , Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing (VPAC), Australia


GPU vertex shader algorithms used in simulating car crash deformation.



Envisioning the Wind: Meteorology Graphics at Weather Underground

Tom Geller , (USA)


Advances in meteorology graphics and the keys to Weather UndergroundÕs successes on web, in print, and on television.



An Immersive Musical Instrument Prototype


Leonel Valbom , University of Minho (Portugal)

AdŽrito Marcos , University of Minho


Using VR to design, prototype, and control real-time immersive musical instruments.



Where We At? Mobile Phones Bring GPS to the Masses 

Keri Schreiner , Word1Editorial (USA)


Location-based mobile phone apps (child tracking, games, sports, social networking) + history, technology & privacy.



Imaging the World: The State of Online Mapping 


Tom Geller , (USA)


How Google, MapQuest, Yahoo, etc. acquire and combine satellite, aerial, & map data to create geographic web services.



FieldVis: A Tool for Visualizing Astrophysical Magnetohydrodynamic Flow

Thomas W. Jones , University of Minnesota (USA)

Sean O'Neill , University of Minnesota

Timothy Urness , Drake University

Blayne Field , University of Minnesota

Victoria Interrante , University of Minnesota


Visualizing complex 3D flows in simulated galaxy cluster formation.





GeoWall: Stereoscopic visualization for geoscience research and education

P. Van Keken , University of Michigan (USA)

P. Morin , University of Minnesota

J. Leigh , University of Illinois, Chicago

A. Johnson , University of Illinois, Chicago


Case studies using low-cost CAVE technology in GeoSci education.



Interactive Tabletop Exhibits in Museums and Galleries

Tom Geller , (USA)


Multiple examples of innovative display and interface technologies employed in public art and knowledge exhibits.



Visualizing the Underwater Behavior of Humpback Whales

Roland Arsenault , University of New Hampshire (USA)

David Wiley , Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary

Colin Ware , University of New Hampshire

Matthew Plumlee , University of New Hampshire


Viz experts and biologists study humpback whale migration & behavior.



Computer Graphics Advances the Art of Anime 

Jan Krikke , freelance writer (Netherlands)


Japanese animation industry cuts costs and extend capabilities by deploying computer graphics.



Visual Effects and Video Analysis Lead to Olympics Victories 

Laurel M. Sheppard , Lash Publications International (USA)


Graphics applications for the 2006 Winter Olympics including training/performance, venue design, broadcast technologies.



A 3D Visualization System for Hurricane Storm-Surge Flooding

Keqi Zhang , Florida International University (USA)

Na Zhao , Florida International University

Khalid Saleem , Florida International University

Shu-Ching Chen , Florida International University

Peter Singh , Florida International University


Modeling and visualization of flooding due to hurricane storm surges.





Visualization of Fluid Mixing in Microchannels


Kai Kang , Columbia University (USA)

Rene Chevray , Columbia University


Visualization of fluid flow dynamics and molecular diffusion in nanotechnology applications.



Near Real-Time Tsunami Computer Simulations within Reach 

Jan Krikke , freelance writer (Netherlands)


Advances in simulation and visualization of tsunami propagation in the aftermath of the 2004 Indonesian tsunami.



Cinematic Meeting Facilities Using Large Displays

Gordon Kurtenbach , Alias (USA)

George Fitzmaurice , Alias

Azam Khan , Alias

Graham Binks , Alias


Practical experience with large display installations in corporate briefing centers.



Forget the Funny Glasses 

Ben Delaney , CyberEdge Information Services (USA)


History of 3D displays including underlying technologies and applications of autostereoscopic display systems.



Applications of Computers to Dance

Tom Calvert , Simon Fraser University (Canada)

Lars Wilke , Credo Interactive

Ilene Fox , Dance Notation Bureau

Rhonda Ryman , University of Waterloo


Compose, edit, and animate dance notation.



Virtual Surgery Brings Back Smiles

Laurel M. Sheppard , Lash Publications International (USA)


ÒSmile TrainÓ virtual surgery software on CD sent to doctors in developing countries for training in cleft palette surgery.





A Decade of Applications 

Mike Potel , Wildcrest Associates (USA)


Reflections on ten years of editing the IEEE CG&A Applications Department.



Visual Analytics in the Pharmaceutical Industry 

Peter van der Spek , Erasmus Medical Center (Netherlands)

Jeffrey D. Saffer , OmniViz (USA)

Guang Chen , OmniViz

Vicki L. Burnett , OmniViz


Applications of visual analytics technologies in biotech.



Streaming Video Transforms the Media Industry

Jan Krikke , freelance writer (Netherlands)


Streaming video technology for cell phones, netcasters, portals, media convergence, and ÒThe World's Smallest Film FestivalÓ.



Seeing Data: New Methods for Understanding Information

Kirk L. Kroeker , (USA)


Thinkmap, Inxight, and TheBrain: three innovative mapping & categorization systems for database and web navigation.



Noble Ape Simulation 

Tom Barbalet , Noble Ape (USA)


Landscape rendering and brain activity modeling in the open source ÒNoble Ape SimulationÓ project.



Virtual Building for Construction Projects 


Laurel M. Sheppard , Lash Publications International (USA)


Examples of construction engineering projects which employ 4D modeling & planning using time-dependent CAD systems.





Modeling Supernovae: Braving a Bold New Frontier 

Anna Turnage , freelance writer (USA)


Astrophysicists use supercomputing and visualization software and hardware to probe black holes.



An Animated Day at the Races 

Gene J. Koprowski , freelance writer (UK)


A real-time horseracing animation & broadcast system by ScotlandÕs VIS Entertainment, coming this Fall on UK TV.



Understanding Fire and Smoke Flow Through Modeling and Visualization

Kevin B. McGrattan , National Institute of Standards and Technology (USA)

Glenn P. Forney , National Institute of Standards and Technology

Daniel Madrzykowski , National Institute of Standards and Technology

Laurel Sheppard , Lash Publications International


Fire Dynamics Simulator & Smokeview viewer for studying building fires.



3D Design Tools Speed NASA Space Shuttle Work

Chad Mills , DLT Solutions/NASA (USA)


Use of 2D annotation on digital photos to facilitate electrical project planning.



Pervasive 3D Viewing for Product Data Management 

Bruce D'Amora , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center (USA)

Fausto Bernardini , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center


Design, implementation, and performance of 3D viewers on PDAs for mechanical CAD applications.



Samurai Romanesque, J2ME, and the Battle for Mobile Cyberspace

Jan Krikke , freelance writer (Netherlands)


Mobile/phone-based games, massive multi-player games, technologies, development, and standards (J2ME v. MS).





Biomechanics and the Cyberhuman 

Stephen Figgins , freelance writer (USA)


Physics simulation, finite-element analysis, and human modeling for auto crash studies at Wayne State Univ., ESI, and Toyota.



CAD Speeds Up Dinnerware Designs 

Laurel Sheppard , Lash Publications International (USA)

Mike Kohorst , Pfaltzgraff Company (USA)


3D graphics at Pfaltzgraff for design, mold fabrication, and manufacturing of ceramic plates and containers.



Graphics and Security: Exploring Visual Biometrics 

Kirk L. Kroeker , (USA)


Graphics technology used for biometric security including face-, fingerprint-, and iris-recognition technologies.



Reducing Aircraft Noise with Computer Graphics 

Anna Turnage , freelance writer (USA)


Reducing helicopter noise pollution using VR and viz in the Penn State's Aerospace Engineering Department.



Computer Graphics: Helping to Cope with Terrorism 

Ben Delaney , CyberEdge Information Services (USA)


Graphics in aftermath of 9/11: media coverage, rescue & recovery, structural analysis, rebuilding & memorial plans.



Understanding Normal Cardiac Development Using Animated Models 

Jean-Marc Schleich , University of Renne (France)

StŽphane Andru , University of Renne (France)

Claude Almange , University of Renne (France)

Jean-Louis Dillenseger , University of Renne (France)

Jean-Louis Coatrieux , University of Renne (France)


Modeling & animation of heart morphology.




Graphics in Computational Paleontology

Stephen Figgins , freelance writer (USA)


Analyzing fossils including serial sectioning, scanning, surface reconstruction, & mathematical modeling.



Speeding Things Up: Bicycle Racing Uses Computers Before Reaching the Starting Line 

Mary Hanson , Biowriters (USA)

Emmanouil Skoufos, Biowriters (USA)


Graphics for optimizing design & performance in world-class bicycle racing such as the Tour de France.



Something to Smile About: 3D Graphics are Revolutionizing Oral Health Care 

Mary Hanson , Biowriters (USA)


Examples of how 3D graphics are enabling new techniques in orthodontia, dental implants, and maxillofacial surgery.



Graphics Applications over the Wireless Web: Japan Sets the Pace

Jan Krikke , freelance writer (Netherlands)


Protocols, applications, & user interfaces used by 3rd generation wireless standards like NTT DoCoMoÕs i-Mode.



3D Mapping of Underwater Caves

Barbara Anne am Ende , US Deep Caving Team (USA)


Exploration and mapping of FloridaÕs Wakulla Springs underwater caves.



Wired Worlds: Exploring the Digital Frontier-A Pioneering Gallery of Digital Media Discovery 


Tony Sweeney , National Museum of Photography, Film & Television (UK)


Expert guided tour of NMPFT and sampler of innovative digital media.





Beyond First Aid: Emergency Response Teams Turn to Graphics 

Mary Hanson , Biowriters (USA)


Mapping, training, and emergency situation management using GIS, visualization, web, and wireless technologies.



Fingerprint-based Forensics Identify Argentina's Desaparecidos 

Mary Hanson , Biowriters (USA)


Fingerprint identification systems used in investigation of ArgentinaÕs Desaparecidos (ÒThe DissappearedÓ).



Axonometry: A Matter of Perspective

Jan Krikke , freelance writer (Netherlands)


Discussion of axonometric drawing, its origins in Japanese art, and its applications in computer graphics.



Visualization in Urban Planning: They Didn't Build LA in a Day

Ben Delaney , CyberEdge Information Services (USA)


Using visualization and simulation for community planning in LA, Philadelphia, NYC, Washington DC.



Maya: "So Ya Wanna Be a Rock 'n Roll Star" Revisited 

Jeffrey Abouaf , freelance writer (USA)


Impact of Maya on art education and its use by graphic arts students in film, game, and video production.



Envisioning Yuan Ming Yuan (Garden of Perfect Brightness)

Christine Wang , University of British Columbia (Canada)

Lifeng Wang , University of British Columbia (Canada)

Alain Fournier , University of British Columbia (Canada)


Reconstructing environment, buildings, artifacts of lost Beijing gardens.





The NYSE's 3D Trading Floor 

Ben Delaney , CyberEdge Information Services (USA)


Overview of the New York Stock ExchangeÕs new real-time operations command and control center.



Night Vision: Infrared Takes to the Road 

Keri Schreiner , freelance writer (USA)


Technology, design, and user interface underlying CadillacÕs new Night Vision driver-assist system.



Parametric Wafer Map Visualization 

Y. Arthur Lin , Analog Devices (USA)


Quality and yield metrics during semiconductor fabrication.



Virtual Recovery of Excavated Relics 

Zhong Li Zhang , Museum of the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses (China)

Jiang Yu Zheng , Kyushu Institute of Technology (Japan)


3D, VR, and multimedia in excavating the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses site in XiÕan, China.



VizSim Technology Helps Find Oil Faster 

Ben Delaney , CyberEdge Information Services (USA)


History and recent advances in systems for visualizing seismic data in the oil exploration industry.



The Florentine Pietˆ: Can Visualization Solve the 450-Year-Old Mystery?

Jeffrey Abouaf , freelance writer (USA)


Creation of detailed 3D model of the famous Michelangelo statue and analysis of its controversial restoration.




Variations on Perfection: The SŽquin-Collins Sculpture Generator 

Jeffrey Abouaf , freelance writer (USA)


Use of computer graphics to design, prototype, & fabricate sculptures based on high-order mathematical shapes.



On the Trail of the Shadow Woman: The Mystery of Motion Capture

Ben Delaney , CyberEdge Information Services (USA)


Motion capture in movies, commercials, and games, plus history, technologies, economics, applications, and issues.



Trial by Fire: Teleoperated Robot Targets Chernobyl

Jeffrey Abouaf , freelance writer (USA)


SGIÕs "Pioneer Project" to build a robot for investigation & visualization of Chernobyl Power Plant containment.



Imaging in Medicine-Here's Looking in You, Kid

Ben Delaney , CyberEdge Information Services (USA)


Imaging & VR in medicine for diagnosis & treatment of unique conditions, training applications, planning.



Fraunhofer Institute: Building on a Decade of Computer Graphics Research 

Rae Earnshaw , University of Bradford (UK)


Report on the opening of the new Fraunhofer Institute, Darmstadt, Germany.



Motion Sick in Cyberspace 

Mike Potel , Wildcrest Associates (USA)


Report on "motion" sickness from VR systems, immersive displays, and video games.





Faster, Better, Cheaper-NASA Visualizes the Solar System

Ben Delaney , CyberEdge Information Services (USA)


NASA planetary missions, economics and technologies for imaging, transmission, processing, visualization.



Digital Orthophotography: Mapping with Pictures 

Anne C. Lear , IEEE Computer Society (USA)


Overview of the U.S. Geological Society National Digital Orthophoto Project.



Virtual Reality Provides Real Therapy 

Anne C. Lear , IEEE Computer Society (USA)


Using VR systems to treat phobias, anxiety & neurological disorders, pain & disability management.



Meeting the Future at the University of Michigan Media Union

William P. Flanagan, freelance writer (USA)

Rae Earnshaw , University of Bradford (UK)

Randy Frank , University of Michigan (USA)


Guided tour of the U of M Media Union facility.



The FoxTrax Hockey Puck Tracking System

Rick Cavallaro , News Corporation/Fox Sports (USA)


History, problems, goals, alternatives for Fox TV NHL hockey puck enhancement system.



Archaeological Models: Pretty Pictures or Research Tools? 

Dave Sims , freelance writer (USA)


Harrison Eiteljorg talks about computer models in archaeology: appreciation & study, research & restoration.






Computer Graphics and DNA Sequencing 

Mike Potel , Taligent (USA)


DNA sequencing, instrument control, analysis, storage/retrieval, & matching on genetic data sets.



3D Scanning in Apparel Design and Human Engineering 

Steven Paquette , US Army (USA)


3D whole body scanning systems in clothing manufacture, anthropometry, equipment design, medicine.



VRML Adds a New Dimension to Web Browsing 

Karen Whitehouse , IEEE Computer Society (USA)


A survey of interesting VRML sites, featuring a wide range of commercial, scientific, and artistic applications.



WWW Extends "Apprentice's Assistant" to Global Medical Resource / Re-creating a Lost Villian in 3D

Dave Sims , freelance writer (USA)


Tour of University of Iowa's innovative Virtual Hospital + using VR to recreate pre-Columbian village in Peru.



Weather Without the Weatherman

Karen Whitehouse , IEEE Computer Society (USA)


Use of graphics at WWW sites for weather maps, forecasting, live weather cameras, & study of special phenomena.



Putting the Visible Human to Work

Dave Sims , freelance writer (USA)


Four examples of applications & products based on data sets from National Library of Medicine's Visible Human project.





Molecules at Your Fingertips 

Dave Sims , freelance writer (USA)


Stereolithographic fabrication assists molecular visualization for blind chemist at New Jersey Institute of Technology.



Undersea and in the Air: VR Offers a Thrill a Minute

Dave Sims , freelance writer (USA)


Examples of advanced graphics-based rides and amusements.



From the Ground Up / Building a High-Resolution Seismic Model

Dave Sims , freelance writer (USA)


James Starrs (GWU) VR solves 1953 CIA agent murder + Kevin Furlong (Penn State/USGS) models SF Bay 3D geology



At Oak Ridge, a Car Crash on the World Wide Web

Dave Sims , freelance writer (USA)


Using high resolution car crash simulation instead of real cars.



See How They Run: Modeling Evacuations in VR

Dave Sims , freelance writer (USA)


Colt Virtual Reality, Ltd. performs dynamic simulations and visualization of crowd behavior for architectural design.



Keeping an Electronic Eye on the Road 

Karen Whitehouse , IEEE Computer Society (USA)


University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute uses Perceptron 3D imaging camera to study traffic patterns.





Comet Explodes on Jupiter - and the Web 

Karen Whitehouse , IEEE Computer Society (USA)


Shoemaker-Levy comet collision causes unprecedented WWW graphics activity.