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Inside Taligent Technology

Addison-Wesley Publishing Company

Sean Cotter with
Mike Potel, Vice President, Technology Development Taligent, Inc.

The computer software and user interface concepts being explored and developed by Taligent, and described in "Inside Taligent Technology", have the potential to usher in a new era in software development and use. One that promises better and faster development and new classes of applications that are more innovative and intuitive for users.

 At the end of 1995, Taligent joined the IBM family of software development laboratories as a wholly-owned subsidiary of IBM Corporation. In this new role Taligent's product directions described in "Inside Taligent Technology" will change from the delivery of the complete Taligent programming model to integrating Taligent framework technology into IBM products. "Inside Taligent Technology" is a must read for anyone who wants to learn about Taligent technology, what it can do, why its important, and the potential future directions that are possible.

 "Inside Taligent Technology" will be a useful reference source in understanding object oriented programming and framework technology. It will also help the reader in understanding the possible types of Taligent frameworks that may find their way into IBM products such as VisualAge for C++ and IBM Open Class.

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