Pre-Installed Example

We strongly recommend that after you first install CustomMailer, you run the pre-installed example.  Here's how:

Run CustomMailer
1) Double-click the CustomMailer icon on the desktop (or under Programs in the Start menu).

Set up your SMTP mail server name
1) CustomMailer automatically runs an SMTP Setup Wizard when you first run CustomMailer.
2) Use the Wizard to enter your SMTP mail server name and verify that you can send yourself email.

Use the pre-installed SampleMailingList.txt and SampleMessageTemplate.txt
1) Enter your email address in the FROM field of the message template (in blue).
2) Click on the first few mailing list rows and watch the message customize (turns to black)!

Send your first email
1) Make sure your internet connection is working (dial up if necessary)
2) Click on the first row of the mailing list, then hit the "Send" button (the addresses in the mailing list, e.g.,. test1@wildcrest.com, are OK to use for testing).

Send your first multiple emails
1) Hold down the "Shift" key and click on several more mailing list rows (for a real mailing, you might use "Select All" under the Select menu.)
2) Hit the "Send" button and watch them get sent!

Customize the message and send it to yourself
1) Change the TO field of the message (in black) to your personal email address.
2) Add a line or two to the message body so you'll know it was from you.
3) Hit the "Send" button and watch it get sent.
4) After a minute or two, check your regular email to see if you received the message.

That's it!  Starting from this example, you are ready to use CustomMailer for real.