CustomMailer 4.0 Help
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          All Rights Reserved.  (Version: 4.0g, Date: February 27, 2006)
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The Basic Idea

CustomMailer is a tool for sending customized email using mailing lists.  It involves three steps:

1) Create a Mailing List (with tabs separating the fields) which looks like:
     Email           First  Last   Date     Category  Fred   Smith  1/13/03  development tools  Ann    Taft   6/26/02  accounting software
    Put column headings in the first row followed by a row for each possible recipient.

2) Create a Message Template using "tags" like  |Email| which looks like:
     TO: |Email|
     SUBJECT: Special offer on our |Category| products
     Dear |First|,
          On |Date| you asked about our |Category| products...

3) Select recipients in the Mailing List and hit Send to send each one a customized email like:
     SUBJECT: Special offer on our accounting software products
     Dear Ann,
          On 6/26/02 you asked about our accounting software products...

For each row of your Mailing List, the values in each column are substituted for the tags
|Email|, |First|, etc. in your Message Template to create the actual message sent out.