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Most of our customers have no problem running CustomMailer 4.0 under Vista or Windows 7, but certain users have experienced difficulties which may be addressed as follows.

Users having problems installing CustomMailer

It appears that some Vista and Windows 7 users, especially those running 64-bit systems, have problems running the CustomMailer installer program (once installed, CustomMailer itself runs fine). For those users, the following alternative installation instructions will fix the problem:

1) Download the following zip-based CustomMailer distribution file (3.5MB):

2) Use WinZip (or similar software for reading .zip files) to unpack this .zip distribution file.

3) Move the resulting "CustomMailer 4.0" folder to C:\Program Files (or other location if desired).

4) Open the subfolder "CustomMailerApp".  Right-click on the file CustomMailer.exe and select "Send To" and under that "Desktop (create shortcut)".

5) Double-click the resulting desktop shortcut to run CustomMailer.

Users having problems running CustomMailer

Most Vista and Windows 7 customers who experience problems have the installation problem described above.  But some customers have problems getting CustomMailer itself to start up, even after successful installation, or encounter problems during their use of CustomMailer.  For these users, we have a different zip-based installation (however, since the file is much larger, we recommend trying this only if the first approach fails):

1) Download the following zip-based CustomMailer distribution file (28MB):

2) Continue with steps 2) - 5) above.

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