Sudoku StarTM for iOS
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Optimized for serious Sudoku players!

Sudoku Star is designed by and for people who enjoy challenging games of Sudoku. 

Supports pencil marking, unmarking, and backtracking techniques used by pencil-and-paper players.  Contains a rich set of bookkeeping, automation, and visualization tools tailorable to your unique solving style.  Highly interactive, optimized for efficient play, all key features accessible from the main screen to let you stay focused on your game. 

Treat yourself to Sudoku done right: Sudoku Star!

Detailed Features
Universal app (all models of iPhone and iPad)
Optimized for all iPhone and iPad screen sizes

Unlimited number of games
Five doubly-graded levels of play
Symmetric games with unique solutions
Six built-in color schemes
Built-in solver
Autosave and restore of game in progress
Game stats: wins, best & average times, percentile

Gameplay automation:
Automatic and manual pencil marks
Integrated, graduated hint system
Bookmarks stack for trial-and-error backtracking

Optional color-coded errors
Optional color-coded conflicts
Optional highlighting of selected digits and marks
Digits done feedback

Great user interface:
Both digit-first and cell-first entry
Large, easy-to-read digits
Unlimited undo and redo, undo to last correct
No pop-up entry menus covering board
All key features accessible from main screen
Optimized to maximize playability

Supported Devices
All sizes, models, and generations of iPhone and iPad

Free (ad sponsored)
Go to the App Store and search for "Sudoku Star Free".
Or click here.

Go to the App Store and search for "Sudoku Star".
Or click here.

On your device, tap "Settings", then "Help".
Or click here.

Questions, comments, feedback, problems?  
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