iPhone offline applications

Applications which can be downloaded to an iPhone and run even with no connection (e.g. in airplane mode), also known as "bookmarklets".

1) In Safari on your iPhone, go to www.wildcrest.com/iphone
2) Tap on desired link below

Puzzler from Apple Developer Connection

Four-color Puzzler

Three-color Puzzler

Two-color Puzzler

Tip Calculator for iPhone by Danny Goodman

iPhone Solitaire from iPhone-Solitaire.com

Loan Calculator by Dave Wilson

Belfry Scientific Calculator by Garth Minette

Uncle Jim's Pegs by Uncle Jim

iPhone Blackjack from iPhone-Blackjack.com

iPhone Tetris from iPhone-Tetris.com

Conversions performed by Mike Potel and Cathy Frantz at Wildcrest Associates using URL2iPhone
Let us know if you find more iPhone offline applications.