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Wildcrest Associates is available to assist with your software product and technology development needs: 

Software product and design engineering - Design reviews, technical audits, and strategy assessments are things I know well.  I can help with analysis and review of your technical and product engineering efforts.  I've been successful and effective both presenting to and serving on management team and advisory boards.  I also know a lot of people who can help get your job done.  I can assist in characterizing your resource requirements, make referrals, and help you find the right resources and partners.  My technical management expertise will help improve your organization and resolve problems.  I can provide the benefits of my software industry experience to your management team.

Technology development, evaluation, and diligence - Are you a company or venture capital firm considering an investment or acquiring a technology and could use a second (or first) opinion?  I have broad experience in software and technology development and due diligence investigations.  I have developed and delivered seminars for professional staff in numerous software technology areas.  I can evaluate software technologies, understand technical gurus (and detect bullshit), perform sanity checks on prospective partners and ideas, help with preparation and delivery of comprehensible technical presentations and demos, and produce and deliver reports that will help business people make good decisions.

Intellectual property research services - I have served as an expert witness in computer graphics, internet software, and system software patent litigations.  I am experienced with prior art searches, patent validity analysis, infringement analysis, claim construction, and patent development.   I'm adept at working with and translating among technical, legal, and business teams.   I have served on corporate intellectual property teams at Apple and at Taligent, resulting in over 160 awarded US patents cover many areas of software technology.  I've presented courses on object technology to the US Patent and Trademark Office as well as at intellectual property and licensing conferences.  I can help you protect your patentable ideas and persue licensing opportunities. 

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