Purchasing Information

Application Individual Licenses
CustomMailer Personal Edition 4.0 ($39.95) - Mailing lists up to 300 recipients (file only)
CustomMailer Business Edition 4.0 ($139.95) - Mailing lists of any size (file only) + file attachments
CustomMailer Enterprise Edition 4.0 ($239.95) - Mailing lists of any size (file or database) + file attachments + multiple threads + direct send

Version Upgrades (upgrade from 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0 license)
CustomMailer Personal Edition Upgrade to 4.0 ($29.95)
CustomMailer Business Edition Upgrade to 4.0 ($49.95)
CustomMailer Enterprise Edition Upgrade to 4.0 ($69.95)

Edition Upgrades (includes free Upgrade to 4.0)
CustomMailer Personal to Business Upgrade ($109.95)
CustomMailer Business to Enterprise Upgrade ($119.95)
CustomMailer Personal to Enterprise Upgrade ($219.95)

Annual Maintenance (see Technical Support)
CustomMailer 4.0 Personal Annual Maintenance ($29.95)
CustomMailer 4.0 Business Annual Maintenance ($49.95)
CustomMailer 4.0 Enterprise Annual Maintenance ($69.95)

Physical Media
Media (CD-ROM), Shipping (Priority Mail), and Handling ($25)

To order on-line
Please visit http://www.wildcrest.com/Store/CustomMailer for complete instructions.
Payment is by credit card using our secure web page.
Application license purchases receive immediate delivery via electronic download.

To order by mail
1) We will accept a purchase order on your company's official form or letterhead, subject to verification.  Be sure to include the name and email address of the registered owner (not the purchasing agent) since fulfillment requires an unlocking serial number to be sent to the actual user of this software.
2) Make your check (drawn on US funds) payable to: Wildcrest Associates.
3) Mail To:
        Wildcrest Associates
        13320 Wildcrest Drive
        Los Altos Hills, CA 94022 USA

Receiving and registering your application purchase
When you purchase the CustomMailer Personal Edition, Business Edition, or Enterprise Edition, you will be able to immediately download a copy of the CustomMailer application installer.  In addition, you will receive in your order confirmation a serial number that allows you to register and enable the appropriate features of the Personal Edition, Business Edition, or Enterprise Edition of CustomMailer you have purchased.  KEEP A COPY OF YOUR SERIAL NUMBER IN CASE YOU EVER NEED TO REINSTALL CUSTOMMAILER.

Run the downloaded installer program to install your purchase.  Then run CustomMailer, go to the Help menu, select About CustomMailer, and click on the Update Registration button.  Enter the registration information provided with your purchase (name, organization, serial number).  The registration button will not be enabled until you type in the proper serial number (hyphens and capital letters not required).

Receiving your upgrade purchase
When you purchase any CustomMailer upgrade, we need to perform a manual verification step against your current registration.  In order to do this we need your name, postal address, email address, and current serial number, which must be the same as was used on your original purchase.  Verification usually takes 1 business day from the time we receive notification of your purchase.  You will then receive by email a new serial number and instructions that will enable your upgrade your existing copy of CustomMailer.