Technical Support

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Wildcrest Associates works hard to maintain the quality of its products, and questions, comments, bug reports, and feature requests are welcome.  Please send email to or use our web-based feedback form.

We have also included the answers to many common problems in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the CustomMailer Help.  You may find the easiest way to resolve your problem is to look through the questions and answers to be found there.

Due to resource limitations, it may not be possible to resolve all issues and no assurances can be given as to when or if problems will be addressed in future releases of CustomMailer.

CustomMailer Diagnostic

The CustomMailerDiagnostic feature of CustomMailer will make it much easier for us to assist you in resolving your problem.  Run CustomMailer and get it into the state where you have a problem.  Then go to the Settings menu, choose Preferences, click on the "Other" tab, then click on the CustomMailerDiagnostic "Create" button.  This will create a file called CustomMailerDiagnostic in the folder CustomMailer 4.0\CustomMailerApp.  Please email this file with a note explaining your problem to .

Annual Maintenance

Wildcrest Associates provides CustomMailer 4.0 licensees with the option of an "Annual Maintenance" contract.  The following table outlines the benefits of an Annual Maintenance contract versus the Basic Support provided to all CustomMailer customers.

Basic Support
Annual Maintenance
Free with purchase
See price list
For current release only
Time-available response to email
First-priority response to email
Minor release (4.0a, 4.0b, ..., 4.1, ...)
(minor feature enhancements and bug fixes  - upgrade optional)
Free download
Notification by email
Free download
Major release (5.0, ...)
(major feature enhancements and bug fixes - upgrade recommended)
Upgrade purchase required

Notification by email
Free download

The number, order, content, and timing of future releases in each category are on an as-needed and time-permitting basis, and their existence is not guaranteed.  However, you can review our "Release Notes" elsewhere in this documentation to assess the past history of CustomMailer releases.

You can purchase an Annual Maintenance contract either at the time of product purchase or subsequently.  To purchase an Annual Maintenance contract, please visit the CustomMailer on-line store.