CustomMailer Release Notes (last revised: February 27, 2006)

Notes are in reverse chronological order
[CustomMailer 4.0] [CustomMailer 3.0] [CustomMailer 2.0] [CustomMailer 1.0]

CustomMailer 4.0 release notes

CustomMailer 4.0g release date: February 27, 2006
Known problems in CustomMailer 4.0f:
1) BACKGROUND= subtags need Content ID support so that background images can be used in self-contained email.  Fixed in 4.0g
2) NullPointerException when parsing error messages returned by some SMTP servers.  Fixed in 4.0g
3) Erroneous "Don't know how to handle card 6" message in SMTP Setup Wizard after communication error with SMTP Server.  Fixed in 4.0g
4) Authentication fails (resulting in "relaying denied" send error) when using SMTP port other than 25.  Fixed in 4.0g
5) Intermittent "IllegalArgumentException: improper width" error when substituting mailing list values into message template.  Fixed in 4.0g
6) Possible OutOfMemoryError when printing very large SMTP log files.  Fixed in 4.0g

CustomMailer 4.0f release date: March 21, 2005
Known problems in CustomMailer 4.0e:
1) Provide smptLocalHostName in CustomMailerPreferences.txt for users getting "invalid EHLO" error.  Fixed in 4.0f
2) Allow delay between message groups to be in fractional seconds.  Fixed in 4.0f
3) Upgrade to JavaMail 1.3.2 from 1.3 to track latest SMTP standard and other improvements.  Fixed in 4.0f
4) Need to ignore SMTP authentication and POP before SMTP authentication settings if using direct send.  Fixed in 4.0f
5) StringIndexOutOfBounds exception if "Remove extra Excel/Access quotes" enabled and mailing list field has a single quotation markFixed in 4.0f
6) Add Opt-Out List processing (see Mailing List Tools).  Added in 4.0f
7) Default SMTP time-out increased to 45 secondsFixed in 4.0f
8) Ignore leading and trailing spaces in tag and macro namesFixed in 4.0f

CustomMailer 4.0e release date: August 17, 2004
Known problems in CustomMailer 4.0d:
1) URLs containing "src=" wrongly processed as Content IDs "img src=", resulting in Send Error.  Fixed in 4.0e
2) HTML message with empty HTML Source should send Alternate Text as plain text email.  Fixed in 4.0e

CustomMailer 4.0d release date: June 8, 2004
Known problems in CustomMailer 4.0c:
1) Insert Tags and Insert Macros don't work in message headers (body OK).  Fixed in 4.0d
2) Triple-click of empty message fields causes ArrayOutOfBoundsException.  Fixed in 4.0d
3) SendLog.txt and SMTPLog.txt won't display if files already open in another program.  Fixed in 4.0d
4) Adjust background colors to improve legibility.  Fixed in 4.0d
5) Should be able to delete rows in mailing list with Delete key.  Fixed in 4.0d
6) Need "View HTML Page in Browser" menu item.  Fixed in 4.0d
7) Support Tab and Shift-Tab to jump forward and backward between message fields.  Fixed in 4.0d

CustomMailer 4.0c release date: September 11, 2003
Known problems in CustomMailer 4.0b:
1) Relax syntax checking to allow ' (apostrophe) character in email addresses.  Fixed in 4.0c

CustomMailer 4.0b release date: August 7, 2003
Known problems in CustomMailer 4.0a:
1) Need support for non-Unicode international character encodings (e.g. Big5, GB2312, Shift-JIS, etc.)Fixed in 4.0b
2) Need support for display of Asian languages (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, etc.).  Fixed in 4.0b

CustomMailer 4.0a release date: July 15, 2003

Known problems in CustomMailer 4.0:
1) Line wrap in message body breaks on " | " instead of white space.  Third-party component bug, doesn't affect mailing
2) Truncates some complex HTML message templates because of JavaScript "comments".  Fixed in 4.0a
3) Macros read & write dialogs should remember most recenly used folder location.  Fixed in 4.0a
4) Send button UI reenables in the middle of multiple recipient sending.  Fixed in 4.0a

CustomMailer 4.0 Final release date: June 23, 2003

Known problems in CustomMailer 4.0 beta 3:
1) Pasting into message header fields also pastes a copy into alternate text area.  Fixed in 4.0 Final
2) SMTP status lines written into SMTPLog.txt even if SMTP logging is turned off.  Fixed in 4.0 Final
3) After New Mailing List, double-clicking on mailing list results in NullPointerException.  Fixed in 4.0 Final
4) Direct send checkbox state not being saved in Preferences.  Fixed in 4.0 Final

CustomMailer 4.0 beta 3 release date: June 4, 2003

Known problems in CustomMailer 4.0 beta 2:
1) Cursor displays as an I-beam instead of arrow over message body scroll bars.  Fixed in beta 3
2) Special characters (128 thru 159) display as little box in message body.  Fixed in beta 3
3) Support Find and Undo menu and keyboard commands in message body.  Fixed in beta 3
4) Drag autoscroll of message body with cursor to right throws "assertion failed" Exception.  Fixed in beta 3
5) Fix cursor keyboard shortcuts in message body (Shift/Ctrl+arrows+PageUp/Down+Home/End+Del/BS).  Fixed in beta 3
6) Need to allow commas in proper name part of address  (eg. "Last, First" <user@domain.com>).  Fixed in beta 3
7) Provide way to enter tabs and CR's in macros (use optional |Tab| and |NewLine| macros).  Fixed in beta 3
8) Allow control of number of spaces per tab stop (and whether to send tabs themselves).  Fixed in beta 3
9) Add option to remove extra Excel/Access quotes when reading mailing list.  Fixed in beta 3
10) Header lines stored in HTML message should conform to single-line-comment syntax.  Fixed in beta 3
11) Including non-printing characters in HTML messages causes problems for some recipients.  Fixed in beta 3
12) Always assume "'Send' sends to all selected recipients" in automated send mode.  Fixed in beta 3
13) Insert Tag and Macro menu items don't change if new tag indicator read from message template file.  Fixed in beta 3
14) Fix problems with character sets not being recognized by some mail readers.  Fixed in beta 3
15) Support Unicode-based message templates, mailing lists, and mail sending.  Fixed in beta 3
16) After Send completes, watch cursor doesn't change back to normal cursor until mouse moves.  Fixed in beta 3

CustomMailer 4.0 beta 2 release date: May 13, 2003

Known problems in CustomMailer 4.0 beta 1:
1) Documentation not yet updated from 3.0.  Fixed in beta 3
2) HTML messages can't handle special characters (>127).  Fixed in beta 2
3) Cut/Copy/Paste menu commands not working for message body.  Fixed in beta 2
4) BCC to From address option not working.  Fixed in beta 2
5) Blank last mailing list row in file causes NullPointerException on send.   Fixed in beta 2
6) Too much additional information in Send Log.  Fixed in beta 2
7) Support close box in Preferences dialog.  Fixed in beta 2
8) Clear SMTP Log button not working.  Fixed in beta 2
9) "Bare LF" problem in SMTP Wizard test mail, affecting some mail servers.  Fixed in beta 2
10) Drop initial registration screen (always register under About dialog, like Win 2000).  Fixed in beta 2
11) Set Font Size for plain text messages causes IllegalArgumentException (HTML ok).  Fixed in beta 2
12) Right-click commands in message body throw ClassCastException.  Fixed in beta 2
13) When appending mailing list,  canceling matching dialog leaves incorrect status bar.  Fixed in beta 2
14) Alert dialog height wrong when reporting errors during application startup.  Fixed in beta 2
15) Increase height of Edit Mailing List Column Dialog.  Fixed in beta 2
16) When sending single selection, Cancel shouldn't autoselect next recipient.  Fixed in beta 2
17) Links to wildcrest.com broken in About, Registration, and Thank You dialogs.  Fixed in beta 2
18) Need option to turn off autoload of mailing list on startup (if not  in automated send mode).  Fixed in beta 2
19) If same image occurs more than once in HTML mail, should only have one Content-ID.  Defer to future release

CustomMailer 4.0 beta 1 release date: April 15, 2003


CustomMailer 4.0 feature additions:
1) 32K limit on message body removed
2) Content IDs (self-contained HTML messages)
3) Per-recipient return-to (bounce-to) address
4) Per-recipient "HTML vs. plain" control
5) Per-recipient "send vs. don't send" control
6) Sending statistics (throughput, error rate, etc.)
7) HTML mail now in all Editions
8) SMTP authentication now in all Editions
9) Proxy server support now in all Editions
10) "POP before SMTP" authentication
11) Multi-threaded send, 2-3X faster (Enterprise Edition)
12) Direct (serverless) send (Enterprise Edition)
13) Add View Send Log and SMTP Log menu commands
14) Add Clear Duplicates Memory menu command
15) Add search/replace in message template
16) Support international (Unicode) mail

CustomMailer 4.0 bug fixes:
1) Cut/copy/paste of mailing list rows now works from menus
2) Fix problem with SMTP authentication PLAIN for some servers
3) Use same date/time for all messages within a Send
4) Fix wrapping of long non-space lines
5) Attachment field no longer erased if type in then click out
6) Delete button in Delete Mailing List Column disabled after delete
7) Fix HTML and Help browser launching under Windows 2000 and XP

CustomMailer 3.0 release notes

CustomMailer 3.0g Final release date: January 14, 2003
1) Remove SMTP disposition INLINE (causes Outlook to interpret HTML mail as attachments, blocked by some security systems).
2) Fixed path problem that caused CustomMailer Help to not open on some systems.
3) Prevent NullPointerException when logging SMTP timeout error.
4) Fix status line message for Priority field error.


CustomMailer 3.0f Final release date: November 8, 2001
1) Relax syntax checking to allow + and & characters in email addresses.
2) Change Exit keyboard equivalent to Ctrl-Shift-Q to avoid conflict with "@" on German keyboard.
3) SMTP Setup Wizard now sends independent test messages to self and testSMTP@wildcrest.com.
4) CustomMailerDiagnostic maker now reports directory where file was created.


CustomMailer 3.0e Final release date: September 14, 2001
1) Upgrade to Java JRE 1.1.8_008 so application can run on Pentium 4 machines.
2) Improve error handling if message template or mailing list was on A: then ejected.
3) Fix "Internet connection may not be working" dialog message.
4) Preliminary implementation of direct send to local SMTP servers of recipients.


CustomMailer 3.0d Final release date: August 7, 2001
1) Fix Automated Send Dialog layout problem causing buttons to be partially clipped off.
2) Consistent use of "Serial number" instead of "Registration number" in all dialogs.


CustomMailer 3.0c Final release date: July 9, 2001
1) Fix NullPointerException when reading databases longer than 300 names in Free Trial Version.
2) Additions to Help: support for international email, direct read of Excel spreadsheets via ODBC.


CustomMailer 3.0b Final release date: June 22, 2001
1) Fix intermittent NullPointerException after sending last recipient in list.
2) Expired Beta registration now reverts to Free Trial Version in product release.


CustomMailer 3.0a Final release date: May 30, 2001
1) Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBounds if delete  mailing list column with none selected.
2) Registration dialog now detects if you don't have write privileges for registry.
3) Match Addresses in File now remembers working directory
4) SMTP Wizard uses SMTP authentication values if set in Preferences.
5) SMTP Wizard warns you need Enterprise Edition if SMTP authentication detected.
6) Fix ClassCastException problems for certain mailing list values.
7) Focus on file attachment text field in Personal Edition generates warning only if something typed.
8) Running CustomMailer with copy already running brings 1st copy to front rather than display error message.
9) Fix "BCC copy of first message to FROM address" not stopping after first message.


CustomMailer 3.0 Final release date: May 2, 2001

Known problems in CustomMailer 3.0 beta 5:
1) After mailing large number of emails with SMTPLog.txt enabled, can take minutes to load.  Fixed in Final
2) Duplicate detection doesn't work right for multiple TO addresses separated by commas.  Fixed in Final
3) Delete Mailing List Column with no column selected throws ArrayIndexOutOfBounds Exception.  Fixed in Final
4) SendLog.txt sometimes corrupted (duplicate lines, bogus Sent:2 & DUP for Sent messages).  Fixed in Final
5) Disabling SMTPLog.txt option in Preferences doesn't always stop SMTP logging.  Fixed in Final
6) Need keyboard equivalent for Save Mailing List. Fixed in Final
7) Win 2000 intermittent problems displaying initial registration screen.  About box registration only for Win 2000
8) Logging operations can hang after first send. Fixed in Final
9) Tools file open dialogs don't remember most recent directory.  Fixed in Final
10) Mailing list sometimes detects string columns to be of type numeric, so sorting is wrong.  Fixed in Final
11) Internet connection test confused by firewall or proxy servers.  Fixed, default now "off", wizard lets you ignore
12) Intermittent ArrayIndexOutOfBounds during resize column after EditMailingListRow.  Fixed in Final

Known problems in CustomMailer 3.0 beta 4:
1) ClassCastException when database returns values as Objects (e.g. Integer, Date) not Strings. Fixed in beta 5
2) Date doesn't show up (or wrong) in Eudora Inbox  (OK in Netscape, Outlook, & Eudora headers).  Fixed in beta 5
3) Shouldn't save ALTERNATE TEXT with plain text message template (though no harm done).  Fixed in beta 5
4) Can't copy and paste addresses from Netscape headers to CustomMailer headers.  Fixed in beta 5

CustomMailer 3.0 beta 3 feature requests:
1) Bring back Reload Mailing List command.  Added in beta 4
2) Have Automated Send automatically save mailing list if LastSent, NumberSent, etc. are enabled.  Added in beta 4
3) Add special |Date| macro for automatically inserting the current date.  Defer to future release
4) Put View Log commands in View menu.  Fixed in CustomMailer 4.0
5) Have installer ensure write privileges for CustomMailer folder under NT.  Better error message & FAQ in beta 4
6) Permit separately registered copies for different users on same NT machine.  Defer to future release
Known problems in CustomMailer 3.0 beta 3:
1) Database with missing values throws NullPointerException, leaves up splash screen. Fixed in beta 4
2) http://www.wildcrest.com in About box doesn't link to home page (clicking on image works).  Fixed in beta 4
3) Verify Addresses logging feature not working. Fixed documentation error in beta 4
4) New Message Template should start up in template mode. Fixed in beta 4
5) Plain text messages with attachment result in bogus attachment icon (HTML messages OK).  Fixed in beta 4

CustomMailer 3.0 beta 2 feature requests:
1) Support SMTP authentication (user name & password as per RFC 2554).  Added in beta 3
2) Drop SMTPLog.txt "clear on startup" policy, only shorten file when gets too big.  Added in beta 3
3) Permit extension .csv (comma separated values) for comma-separated mailing lists.  Added in beta 3
4) Initialize server to 1st SMTP server found for domain name in SMTP Setup Wizard.  Added in beta 3
5) Provide longer SMTP error messages (as in SMTPLog.txt file) in SendStatus column.  Added in beta 3
6) Option for delay between messages to occur only once every N messages.  Added in beta 3
7) Automatically detect mailing list field delimiter and whether using 1st column as headings.  Added in beta 3
8) Add Cut/Copy/Paste to Edit menu and right mouse popup menu.  Added in beta 3
9) In SendLog.txt, simplify (shorten) date, put name as second field, put status last.  Added in beta 3
10) Add "display font size" to Preferences, remember from run to run.  Added in beta 3
11) Add "enable sounds" to Preferences.  Added in beta 3
12) Add "number of files remembered in Open menus" to Preferences.  Added in beta 3
13) Write VerifyAddresses summary into SendLog.txt. Added in beta 3
14) Add search capability to CustomMailer Help.   Added in beta 3 (searches 2.0 Help until 3.0 goes public)
Known problems in CustomMailer 3.0 beta 2:
1) HTML mail produces bogus "Attachment -2 of 0" message in status bar.  Fixed in beta 3
2) Turning on NumberSent and LastSent in Preferences doesn't add columns until reload mailing list.  Fixed in beta 3
3) "Write Macros to File" or "Read Macros from File" + "Cancel" = NullPointerException.  Fixed in beta 3
4) Blank value in 1st row of mailing list causes incorrect column sort type & Tools address column.  Fixed in beta 3
5) Verify Addresses can't interpret certain return codes, resulting in excess ERROR RETURNs.  Fixed in beta 3
6) Delay between messages value not saved in CustomMailerPreferences.txt file.   Fixed in beta 3
7) Number of file names remembered between runs is one fewer than specified.  Fixed in beta 3
8) On 800x600 screen, Installer incorrectly wraps the dropshadow for the word "Setup".  Fixed in beta 3
9) Intermittent NoSuchElementException: HashtableEnumerator during Verify Addresses.  Fixed in beta 3
10) If "Update Registration" twice, second time shows serial number in the clear.  Fixed in beta 3

CustomMailer 3.0 beta 1 feature requests:
1) Allow any characters (including commas) inside quotes in front of TO: addresses.  Added in CustomMailer 4.0
2) Add a way to interrupt sorting in a large mailing list.  Defer to future release
3) Add menu command for "Save (current) Mailing List" without prompting for name & confirm.  Added in beta 2
4) Set SendLog.txt default to "off"   Added in beta 2
5) Shorten names: TimesSent and LastDateSent.  Added in beta 2 ("#" and "LastSent")
6) Include link to uninstaller in Start menu.  Added in beta 2
7) Add option to turn off audio/sound (to avoid Windows error dialog on sound-less machines).  Added in beta 2
8) Keep the default directory for both Open Mailing List and Open Message Template the same.  Added in beta 2
9) Include list of recently opened message template & mailing list file names in File menu.  Added in beta 2
10) Add keyboard equivalents for Send and Skip buttons.  Added in beta 2
11) Add Select Nth Row command (with keyboard equivalent).  Added in beta 2
12) Make SMTPSetupWizard use same SMTP port number, timeout, & proxy server as Preferences.  Added in beta 2
Known problems in CustomMailer 3.0 beta 1:
1) Commas in FROM: field cause SMTP sending errors. Fixed in beta 2
2) If both TimesSent and LastDateSent enabled, only one works.  Fixed in beta 2
3) Adding TimesSent, then LastDateSent causes bogus "SEND ERROR Error opening connection".  Fixed in beta 2
4) Sorting of dates ending /00 vs /01 incorrect. Fixed in beta 2
5) Too much flashing when mailing list reads in (slow resizing when columns are added).  Fixed in beta 2
6) Empty mailing list values in last column incorrectly detected as missing.  Fixed in beta 2
7) Deleting multiple rows in mailing list is s-l-o-w. Fixed in beta 2
8) SMTP Setup Wizard times out for server that otherwise works in application.  Fixed in beta 2
9) Create CustomMailerDiagnostic throws ClassCastException and files are missing.  Fixed in beta 2
10) Database missing values cause tag/macro problems + ClassCastException.  Fixed in beta 2
11) Convert all LF to CRLF during SMTP ("bare LF" error in MS Exchange Server).  Fixed in beta 2
12) Delete and Edit Mailing List Column operations unnecessarily resizing columns.  Fixed in beta 2
13) Registration, Splash, and About dialogs don't fit on 640x480 screen.  Fixed in beta 2

CustomMailer 3.0 feature additions:
1) Verify addresses in mailing list (validate domains & user names w/o sending)
2) Extract/save all email addresses from any text file
3) Find/remove addresses matching addresses in any file (e.g., "opt-out" lists, bounceback emails, other mailing lists)
4) Find/remove duplicates in mailing list
5) SMTP Setup Wizard (verify connection, find/test SMTP server)
6) Verify Internet connection before first send
7) SMTP log file records full email protocol
8) Adjustable SMTP port number
9) SMTP Authentication (Enterprise Edition only)
10) Set values in (new/old) mailing list columns with tags/macros/selections
11) Matching append of mailing lists (extra/missing/reordered columns OK)
12) Save selected mailing list rows to file (partition mailing lists)
13) Invert mailing list selections
14) Reorder mailing list columns
15) Cut/copy/paste keyboard commands for mailing list
16) Double-click mailing list row to edit
17) Optional automatic LastSent and NumberSent columns
18) Option to automatically BCC copy of first message to FROM address
19) Memory allocation and timeout improvements to enable large (multi-megabyte) file attachments
20) Improved progress indicator showing size & percent of file transfer done
21) Rigorous email address syntax checker
22) New DATE (<, >,  =) and VALUE (<, >, = for numbers/currency) functions in find, select, & macros
23) Copy and rename macros
24) Macros can now be used in find and select
25) Macros can now compare tags to tags
26) Cut/copy/paste to/from system clipboard
27) Insert tags or macros using menu or popup
28) Change display font size in message & mailing list
29) Sort mailing list columns with dates, numbers, & currency
30) Automatic mailing list column resizing
31) Default Alternate Text message
32) Editable Preferences file including all Preference values, Mailing List, Message Template, & Macro file names
33) Startup Preferences file on command line for Automated Sends
34) Optional batch (.bat) file launcher to facilitate Windows scripting
35) Mail-in CustomMailerDiagnostic file
36) 3.0 finds/imports 2.0 preferences and macros
37) Convenient save on exit & overwrite warnings
38) Recently opened files lists in Open Message Template and Open Mailing List menus
39) All system errors trapped

CustomMailer 2.0 release notes

CustomMailer 2.0 Final release date: September 25, 2000

Known problems in CustomMailer 2.0 beta 3:
1) Send file attachment, then delete attachments field = send old attachment.   Fixed in Final
2) Create New Message Template (HTML) + ">HTML Page"= browser HTML read error.   Fixed in Final
3) Edit message in View as Message + Preferences + "cancel" = loses edits.  Fixed in Final
4) "Always on top" bug: can't click other Windows windows to front.  Went away, unable to reproduce?

CustomMailer 2.0 beta 2 feature requests:
1) Need ability to set up and perform automated (unattended) sending.   Added in beta 3
2) Include display of tag indicator character in main window.  Added in beta 3
Known problems in CustomMailer 2.0 beta 2:
1) Send file attachment, then delete attachments field = send old attachment.   Attempted fix in beta 3
2) Create New Mailing List with no columns, then perform a Find, hangs. Fixed in beta 3
3) Create New Mailing List with no columns + Add Mailing List Row => bad error message.  Fixed in beta 3
4) Create New Mailing List with no columns, then Reload Mailing List generates an error.  Fixed in beta 3
5) If mailing list not found or empty, Add Mailing List Row and Column dialogs don't work.  Fixed in beta 3
5) Shouldn't be able to rename a column to a name with no letters. Fixed in beta 3
6) Typo in SampleMailingList.txt: James Daniels date says "January". Fixed in beta 3
7) Deleting a file attachment with nothing selected throws an exception (shouldn't be enabled).  Fixed in beta 3
8) If many mailing list column, Add Mailing List Row exceeds screen size, doesn't scroll or resize.  Fixed in beta 3
9) After fixing invalid message, message button not reenabled. Fixed in beta 3
10) Need undo or warning for Capitalize First Letter. Fixed in beta 3 (warning)
11) Bring back feature to allow saving of "Send status" with mailing list.  Fixed in beta 3 (now optional)
12) Provide better ODBC set-up instructions.  Fixed in beta 3
13) After ">HTML Page" + Save Message Template to new directory, can't find CustomMailerHTMLDocument.html.  Fixed in beta 3
14) Prevent running two simultaneous copies of CustomMailer, which can result in runtime errors.  Fixed in beta 3

Known problems in CustomMailer 2.0 beta 1:
1) File attachments feature broken.  Fixed in beta 2
2) Select using Filters doesn't update names in If field <popup> menu after new mailing list.  Fixed in beta 2
3) Append Mailing List from File should ask if 1st row = data if not = current column headings.  Fixed in beta 2
4) If 1st row  = headers turned off in Preferences, default names should say Column1 not Column0.  Fixed in beta 2
5) Unselect All needs a keyboard equivalent like Ctrl-U. Fixed in beta 2
6) After New Message Template then Save As..., Save menu should be enabled.  Fixed in beta 2
7) Buttons in the New Message Template dialog resized too small following any "Yes/No" dialog.  Fixed in beta 2
8) Need reminder of current tag indicator character after New Message Template.  Fixed in beta 2
9) Write summary of sending session to log file upon exit.  Fixed in beta 2
10) Edit Mailing List Column dialog shouldn't close after each operation.  Fixed in beta 2
11) After edit message with ">HTML Page", next ">HTML Page" displays original message.  Fixed in beta 2

CustomMailer 2.0 feature additions:
1) Create & append mailing lists
2) Add, delete, & edit rows and columns
3) Select using Filters now has 11 match functions
4) Find & Find Again with 11 match functions
5) Log file with time & status of each message sent
6) CC, BCC, Organization, Reply-to, & Priority all fully customizable for each recipient
7) Multiple TO, CC, and BCC addresses separated by commas
8) Nested macros - Macros can now call other macros
9) Automated send - Support for unattended operation
10) Draggable message & mailing list split panel
11) Multi-tab Preferences
12) More progress reports, alerts, error messages
13) More keyboard equivalents, direct manipulation
14) Integrated upgrade ordering & live install
15) HTML mail
16) Provide alternate text message for recipients without HTML-capable reader
17) Integrated editing using your regular browser
18) File Attachments - multiple files of any type & size
19) File names fully customizable for each recipient
20) Proxy server ("socks") support for email across secure firewalls in corporate environments

CustomMailer 1.0 release notes

CustomMailer 1.0 Final release date: August 31, 1999

CustomMailer 1.0 feature set:
1) Send individual, personalized emails
2) Tags for merging mailing list values into the message
3) Macros for testing mail list values
4) Fully automatic, semi-automatic, and "dry run" sending modes
5) Read mailing lists from tab-delimited text files or SQL databases
6) Mailing list sorting
7) Incremental filtering of mailing list to select and unselect recipients
8) Prevent sending email to duplicate addresses
9) Save and restore mailing lists including recipient send status
10) Specify TO, FROM, SUBJECT, and message body
11) Control SMTP mail server name and timeout
12) Automatic, post-merge message wrap to any column width
13) Create, open, edit, print, and save message templates from inside application
14) Integrated Help browser