J2PrinterWorks Release Notes (last revised: 3/6/09)

Notes are in reverse chronological order

J2PrinterWorks customers covered by Annual Maintenance can upgrade to the latest J2PrinterWorks release free of charge.  Please view the latest J2PrinterWorks release notes which are maintained on the Wildcrest Associates web site to find out what is the most current release available.  You can double-click your copy of J2PrinterWorks.jar to find out the version you have now.  To download the latest release, please visit the J2PrinterWorks product download page and enter your product serial number.

Items closed prior to the current release shown in green
Items closed in the current release shown in blue
Items still open (or deferred) in the current release shown in red

J2PrinterWorks 5.0 release date: March 6, 2009

New Features in J2PrinterWorks 5.0:
1) Add drop shadow to print preview dialog page images and drop shadow option in getPageImage methods.  New in 5.0
2) Expand J2Printer14 methods for setting and getting printer attributes.  New in 5.0
3) Add option to allow print preview dialog to use current application look and feel.   New in 5.0
4) Add sample programs with source code for SimplePrintDialog, TabbedPrintDialog, and PrintPlusPreviewDialog.  New in 5.0
5) Add sample programs with source code for SimplePageSetupDialog and TabbedPageSetupDialog.  New in 5.0
6) Add sample programs with source code for SimplePrintPreviewDialog and FullPrintPreviewDialog.  New in 5.0
7) Add J2Printer.dispose() method to assist garbage collection if printing with new J2Printer instance each time.  New in 5.0
8) Add J2PrinterWebStartTest build project for Mac and build instructions for Windows.  New in 5.0
9) Drop Text Edition and Table Edition, simplify registration code processing and pricing.  New in 5.0

Known problems in J2PrinterWorks 4.7:
1) Various Unicode 16-bit characters missing when using printToPDF().   Fixed in 5.0
2) N-up printing throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on last page when setDebug(true).   Fixed in 5.0
3) Print preview button highlighting color wrong on Mac in cross-platform mode.   Fixed in 5.0
4) J2PanelPrinterGraphicsTest sample application doesn't exit properly.   Fixed in 5.0
5) J2Printer14CrossPlatformTest sample application printer settings corrupted after printing.   Fixed in 5.0
6) J2ComponentPrinter ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when change portrait to landscape for some components.   Fixed in 5.0
7) J2TextPrinter sometimes leaves stray pixels after last line on Mac.   Fixed in 5.0
8) J2Printer14 can throw IllegalArgumentException when PrintAttributeRequestSet specified without an orientation.   Fixed in 5.0
9) Button text labels cut off and spacing insufficient in some sample program dialogs on Mac.   Fixed in 5.0
10) J2TextPrinterTestApplication method for synchronous loading of HTML pages doesn't always work.   Fixed in 5.0
11) Cross-platform page setup dialog margins drift after repeated calls (workaround for Java bug).   Fixed in 5.0
12) J2TextPrinterTestApplication font menu doesn't update correctly when clicking on text.  Fixed in 5.0
13) Default center footer always English, does not update for other  locales.  Fixed in 5.0
14) J2PrinterPDFTest and J2Printer14PSTest sample applications print the previous HTML file after a new HTML file is read in.  Fixed in 5.0
15) J2ListPrinter fails to print bottom Border of JList if present.  Fixed in 5.0 
16) J2ListPrinter clips last pixel of font descenders on Mac.  Fixed in 5.0 


J2PrinterWorks 4.7 release date: October 15, 2008

Known problems in J2PrinterWorks 4.6:
1) NullPointerException if JTable has a RowHeader which is itself a JTable that lacks its own TableHeader.   Fixed in 4.7
2) Throws HeadlessException when printing with J2PanelPrinter in headless mode.   Fixed in 4.7


J2PrinterWorks 4.6 release date: December 5, 2007

Known problems in J2PrinterWorks 4.5:
1) J2TextPrinter clone methods are declared static so can't be overridden, now no longer static and can be overridden.   Fixed in 4.6
2) Add setHTMLEditorKit method to J2TextPrinter to allow use of a custom HTMLEditorKit.   Fixed in 4.6
3) Add setPrintPreviewIconImage method for changing icon in upper left corner of PrintPreviewDialog (requires JDK 1.6 or later).   Fixed in 4.6
4) ArrayIndexOutOfBounds can occur under BREAK_ON_COLOR in J2TablePrinter and J2ComponentPrinter if components not displayed.   Fixed in 4.6

5) Add .png support to J2PanelPrinterImageApplication sample application.   Fixed in 4.6
6) Need to fire events so program can detect when user hits "OK" or "cancel" in page setup dialog.   Fixed in 4.6
7) "Print" button in print preview dialog comes up as selected under JDK 1.6.   Fixed in 4.6
8) "Close" button in print preview dialog left selected after first close under JDK 1.5 and previous .  Fixed in 4.6
9) In J2PanelPrinter and J2ComponentPrinter, BREAK_ON_COMPONENTS doesn't work if no layout gap between components.   Fixed in 4.6
10) Need option in printToHTML to generate a single HTML file instead of a slide show.   Fixed in 4.6

J2PrinterWorks 4.5 release date: April 9, 2007

Known problems in J2PrinterWorks 4.4:
1) All exceptions (not just PrinterException) should fire exceptionThrown.   Fixed in 4.5
2) Make setDebug(true) the default so error reporting not missed during development.   Fixed in 4.5
3) J2ListPrinter and J2TreePrinter generate "Flowable unable to make progress" when containing only a large single item.   Fixed in 4.5
4) Remove depedency that prevents J2TextPrinter, J2TablePrinter, etc. from being used independently from J2Printer class.   Fixed in 4.5
5) refreshPrintPreviewDialog should update print preview dialog to reflect a possibly new document and/or number of pages.   Fixed in 4.5
6) Print preview zoom in and out buttons not correctly enabled after closing print preview at minimum or maximum zoom.   Fixed in 4.5
7) Need ability to specify color and alignment when printing with the J2TextPrinter string-based constructor.   Fixed in 4.5

J2PrinterWorks 4.4 release date: October 30, 2006

Known problems in J2PrinterWorks 4.3:
1) Total number of pages (@@@) support broken for multi-Pageable documents.   Fixed in 4.4
2) Need API for changing the print preview dialog zoom levels.   Fixed in 4.4
3) J2PrinterPDFTest sample program print preview doesn't update after reading new html file.   Fixed in 4.4
4) Print preview throws an IllegalArgumentException for the default date in footers for certain locales (e.g., Greek).   Fixed in 4.4
5) NullPointerException if J2PrinterWorksC32.gif not included with jar.   Fixed in 4.4
6) J2TablePrinter fails to print column header if 0 rows in table.   Fixed in 4.4
7) NullPointerException in J2TablePrinter if TableHeader is null.   Fixed in 4.4
8) Include "itext.jar" in J2PrinterPDFTest manifest, run.bat, and instructions in initial window.  Fixed in 4.4

J2PrinterWorks 4.3 release date: July 5, 2006

Known problems in J2PrinterWorks 4.2:
1) printPDFFile should honor setPrintingDialogUsed(boolean).   Fixed in 4.3
2) printPDFFile doesn't work if setPrinter called for printer with embedded spaces in name.   Fixed in 4.3
3) displayPDFFile under J2Printer14 produces spurious "file not found" message (even though file opens).   Fixed in 4.3
4) BOX header and footer styles not centered on text  for printToPDF under iText 1.4.x (iText 1.3.x OK).   Fixed in 4.3
5) Header style and header font updated incorrectly when using product jar without serial number.   Fixed in 4.3
6) ImagePanel empty constructor throws IllegalArgumentException.   Fixed in 4.3
7) byte[] versions of printToPDF and printToPS methods should be synchronous.   Fixed in 4.3
8) ImagePanel forces background to white, should default to white but use the specified background color if given.   Fixed in 4.3
9) Add option to permit printing of HTML comments.   Added in 4.3

J2PrinterWorks 4.2 release date: March 3, 2006

Known problems in J2PrinterWorks 4.1:
1) LINE header style draws line above header instead of below.   Fixed in 4.2
2) Need way to insert total number of pages into headers and footers.   Added in 4.2 (use @@@)
3) Support background thread printing for printToPDF, printToPS, and printToHTML Added in 4.2
4) printToPDF, printToPS, and printToHTML should fire printing events.  Added in 4.2
5) pageDone event doesn't work.  Fixed in 4.2
6) Priority of background printing thread should be lower.  Fixed in 4.2
7) J2PanelPrinter and J2ComponentPrinter setSizeToFit should be static.  Fixed in 4.2
8) Add refresh method to cause redraw in print preview dialog Added in 4.2

J2PrinterWorks 4.1 release date: November 30, 2005


Known problems in J2PrinterWorks 4.0:
1) Landscape pages not rotated when printing using printToPDF().  Fixed in 4.1
2) Mixed landscape and portrait documents not supported by printToPDF().  Fixed in 4.1
3) ArrayIndexOutOfBounds when printing using setCrossPlatformDialogs(true) under JDK 1.4.2_09 and 1.4.2_10.   Fixed in 4.1
4) Default print preview buttons shouldn't have borders under Macintosh Aqua Look & Feel.  Fixed in 4.1
5) Need methods for printToPDF(OutputStream), printToPS(OutputStream), and printToPDF() (in-memory byte array).   Fixed in 4.1
6) Print dialog changes to printer, number of copies, and print job name not remembered if setSeparatePrintThread(true).   Fixed in 4.1
7) Height of header and footer boxes too small for single line of text on some printers depending on font.   Fixed in 4.1

 J2PrinterWorks 4.0 release date: August 29, 2005


New Features in J2PrinterWorks 4.0:
1) New J2ComponentPrinter component for paginating any Java or third-party Component.  Added in 4.0
2) Add printToPDF, printPDFFile, and displayPDFFile methods.  Added in 4.0
3) Redesigned, developer-customizable print preview dialog using icon buttons and toolbar.   Added in 4.0
4) Anti-aliased print preview dialog display.   Added in 4.0
5) New SHRINK_TO_FIT and BREAK_ON_COLOR pagination modes in  J2TablePrinter.  Added in 4.0
6) Separate horizontal and vertical pagination rules for J2TablePrinter.  Added in 4.0
7) Add methods for writing Postscript to an in-memory byte array and sending directly to Postscript printer.   Added in 4.0
8)  On-the-fly localization of default date, time, and page strings in footers.   Added in 4.0
9) Add support for Korean locale.   Added in 4.0
10) Support for headless operation.   Added in 4.0
11) Provide option to suppress page outlines during N-up printing.   Added in 4.0

Known problems in J2PrinterWorks 3.4:
1) Print preview dialog stays open with busy cursor if print from print preview with setPrintDialogUsed(false).   Fixed in 4.0
2) Change J2Printer method isPrinting()  to isPrintingUnderway() to avoid conflict with new JComponent.isPrinting() in JDK 1.6.   Fixed in 4.0
3) Need option to ensure that stack traces and/or error messages are printed to System.err for all caught Java exceptions.    Fixed in 4.0 (setDebug(true) )
4) J2TablePrinter should split oversize rows and columns across page boundaries rather than clip off.   Fixed in 4.0
5) Fix low-resolution logo image in "Thank You" page.   Fixed in 4.0
6) J2TablePrinter TOP_PAGES and LEFT_PAGES modes don't work properly when printing a table subarea.   Fixed in 4.0
7) Generalize getPreferredSizeForWidth()  and setSizeForWidth() to work for non-Container JComponents.   Fixed in 4.0
8)  J2Label strips last 6 characters of text if the text begins with <html> but doesn't end with </html>.   Fixed in 4.0
9)  Change default print preview scaling size to 1.0.   Fixed in 4.0
10) Selecting print from print preview hangs on some version of Solaris.   Fixed in 4.0 (use setPrintPreviewCloseOnPrint(BEFORE))
11) ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException if print preview with no pages.   Fixed in 4.0
12) Print preview nextPage and lastPage buttons not enabled if on last page and page setup increases number of pages.   Fixed in 4.0

 J2PrinterWorks 3.4 release date: February 9, 2005


Known problems in J2PrinterWorks 3.3:
1) LANDSCAPE and REVERSE_LANDSCAPE output clipped off on printers with unequal minimum margins under JDK 1.5.0.    Fixed in 3.4
2) JTextPane HTML <IMG SRC=> tags sometimes don't display, partially display, or run over footer in print and/or print preview.   Fixed in 3.4
3) makeHTMLPane shouldn't return until JTextPane is really ready (e.g. if HTML uses IMG from over a network).    Fixed in 3.4
4) Can't print from print preview under JDK 1.5.0 using cross platform dialogs with separate thread false.   Fixed in 3.4
5) Cross-platform print and page setup dialogs come up very slow the first time.   Java bug, delay reduced in 3.4
6) Show busy cursor when invoking page setup and print dialogs from print preview.   Fixed in 3.4
7) Leave print preview open when invoking print dialog, leave open if "cancel", optionally leave open if "OK".   Fixed in 3.4
8) NullPointerException if setPrintPreviewTwoPageDisplay(true) but only have one page.   Fixed in 3.4
9) ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException if setPrintPreviewPageNumber to page number outside current range.   Fixed in 3.4
J2TablePrinterTestApplication doesn't change number of row headers after "New directory" command.   Fixed in 3.4
11) Add "Locale" menu sample code to J2TextPrinterTestApplication.   Fixed in 3.4
12) Broken layout in J2TreePrinterTestApplication detailed page setup dialog.   Fixed in 3.4
13) Formatting error in Swedish localization (J2Printer_sv.properties).   Fixed in 3.4

 J2PrinterWorks 3.3 release date: September 30, 2004


Known problems in J2PrinterWorks 3.2:

1) Header box height not adjusted to fit large left headers (center and right headers and all footers OK).   Fixed in 3.3
2) J2Printer.cancelPrinting() method doesn't work for separate thread printing.   Fixed in 3.3
3) PrinterExceptions should be caught and an "exception" print event fired.   Fixed in 3.3
4) Under JDK 1.3.1, J2TextPrinter can throw BadLocationException if Flowable starts with newline at top of page.   Fixed in 3.3
5) Doesn't handle landscape default printer page orientation.   Fixed in 3.3 (JDK 1.4 or later only)
6) On Mac, J2Printer14PrinterSelectionTest returns no printers.   Fixed in 3.3
7) Under Mac JDK 1.3.1, printing a single Pageable with "Pages: All" doesn't terminate.   Fixed in 3.3
8) J2Printer14PrinterSelectionTest doesn't exit properly on window close.   Fixed in 3.3
9) Need to support Swedish locale.   Fixed in 3.3
10) JTable row headers print shifted if table is partially scrolled.   Fixed in 3.3

J2PrinterWorks 3.2 release date: April 21, 2004


Known problems in J2PrinterWorks 3.1:

1) Print Preview page number and scale factor fields too narrow for non-Metal Look & Feel.   Fixed in 3.2
2) Print Preview scale factor should max out at 400% when typed in (same as zoom-in button).   Fixed in 3.2
3) Some Print Preview tooltips have extra quotes and semi-colons.   Regression in 3.1, fixed in 3.2
4) Translation corrected in German localization (J2Printer_de.properties).   Fixed in 3.2
5) Programs won't exit on main window close if printing non-displayed components.   Workaround: call e.g. textPrinter.dispose() after printing
6) Code in J2PanelPrinter documentation regarding non-GUI printing is incorrect.   Fixed in 3.2
7) Add VerticalGap "test gap" feature to force pagination if too little space left on page ("widow" control).   Added in 3.2
8) Print to PDF doesn't work under JDK 1.5.   Removed, Sun did not support in JDK 1.5, workaround sample code in J2Printer14 documentation
9) Zero-size components cause page eject (as Flowable) or blank page (as Pageable) instead of doing nothing.   Fixed in 3.2

J2PrinterWorks 3.1 release date: February 3, 2004


Known problems in J2PrinterWorks 3.0:

1) J2PrinterWorksApplet and J2Printer14Applet still using 2.2 J2PrinterWorks.jar.   Fixed in 3.1
2) Make J2Printer.getVersion() static so it's callable without instantiating.   Fixed in 3.1
3) Horizontal centering of J2PanelPrinter in SHRINK_TO_WIDTH mode (if narrower than page) not working.   Fixed in 3.1
4) JTextPane.setFont() setting shows up in display but not in printout.   Fixed in 3.1
5) JTextArea line wrap properties ignored when printing (unless using direct print).   Fixed in 3.1
6) Print Preview reading of non-English locale properties files broken.   Fixed in 3.1
7) Need to support Japanese locale.   Fixed in 3.1
8) Need to support localization of Print Preview title bar.   Fixed in 3.1
9) Need method for localizing Print Preview dialog strings programmatically.   Fixed in 3.1
10) Fix drawing of Javadoc inheritance diagrams.   Fixed in 3.1

J2PrinterWorks 3.0 release date: November 10, 2003


New Features in J2PrinterWorks 3.0:
1) Enhanced print preview dialog with first/last page, go to page, zoom in/out, two-page display.   Added in 3.0
2) Support "n-up" printing.   Added in 3.0
3) Per-Flowable scaling within a J2FlowPrinter.  Added in 3.0
4) Support Java Web Start application printing using JNLP API.   Added in 3.0
5) Print to Postscript file and print to PDF file.   Added in 3.0 (PDF requires JDK 1.5)
6) Print to HTML slide show presentation.  Added in 3.0
7) Add new J2ListPrinter component for printing JList.   Added in 3.0
8) Support JEditorPane and JTextArea in J2TextPrinter.   Added in 3.0
9) New J2PanelPrinter pagination modes BREAK_ON_COMPONENTS and SHRINK_TO_WIDTH.   Added in 3.0
10) Paginate large embedded images and components in J2TextPrinter.   Added in 3.0
11) "Direct print" to enable printing user-entered HTML <form> fields in JTextPane.   Added in 3.0
12) Support replicated JTable row headers in J2TablePrinter.   Added in 3.0
13) Control "maximum pagination gap" before page break.   Added in 3.0
14) Add PrintingEventHandler adapter class to simplify handling of print progress events.  Added in 3.0
15) Automatic wait cursor when bringing up print dialogs.   Added in 3.0
16) Allow control of page number used on first page of document.   Added in 3.0
Known problems in J2PrinterWorks 2.2:

1) J2PrinterWorksTestApplication runs slow under JDK 1.4.2 (workaround: convert all file:// to file:///).   Fixed in 3.0
2) Add classpath to J2PrinterWorksTestApplication buildMac.command.   Fixed in 3.0
3) Zero row J2TablePrinter results in "Flowable unable to make progress" instead of headers only.  Fixed in 3.0
4) First row of J2TreePrinter on next page clipped if didn't fit at bottom of previous page.  Fixed in 3.0
5) Get EVALUATION USE ONLY if don't set serial number before instantiating J2Pageables.  Partial fix: J2Printer constructor deprecated in 3.0
6) J2TextPrinter intermittent thread-safety problem if setSeparatePrintThread(true) and print before print preview.   Fixed in 3.0
7) Chromaticity.MONOCHROME prints in black-and-white but print preview is in color.  Added setPageImagesMonochrome()  in 3.0
8) Processing error if more than one date/time (|||...||| pair)  in same header or footer.  Fixed  in 3.0
9) Set header or footer to JLabel(Icon) results in NullPointerException (workaround: use JLabel("", Icon, align)).  Fixed  in 3.0
10) Default margins initialized incorrectly under J2Printer14 with setCrossPlatformDialogs(true).  Fixed  in 3.0
11) ImagePanel setScale should adjust setSize accordingly.  Fixed  in 3.0

J2PrinterWorks 2.2 release date: June 6, 2003 


Known problems in J2PrinterWorks 2.1c:

1) ArrayIndexOutOfBounds if J2TablePrinter.setPrintArea with first row or first column past end of table.   Fixed in 2.2
2) Events for "printing" and "pageBeingPrinted" not working under J2Printer14 (OK in J2Printer).   Fixed in 2.2
3) Add getVersion() method to return J2PrinterWorks version number.   Fixed in 2.2
4) Add missing J2Pageable.setPageFormat(PageFormat) method.   Fixed in 2.2
5) Add dispose() method to J2Pageable and its subclasses for explicitly releasing held resources.   Fixed in 2.2
6) Add hideImagingFrame() to J2TextPrinter to get rid of frame created to handle embedded components.   Fixed in 2.2
7) Improve CloningException diagnostic messages.   Fixed in 2.2
8) Make J2TextPrinterTestApplication insert JPanel serializable so cloning works and display doesn't disappear.   Fixed in 2.2
9) All PrinterExceptions now rethrown as RuntimeExceptions so they can (optionally) be caught.   Fixed in 2.2

J2PrinterWorks 2.1c release date: February 3, 2003


Known problems in J2PrinterWorks 2.1b:

1) Developer subclasses of J2Pageable always say "EVALUATION USE ONLY".   Fixed in 2.1c
2) License detection wrong for J2FlowPrinter in J2TextPrinter and J2TablePrinter Editions.  Fixed in 2.1c
3) Turn on anti-aliasing for "Thank You" page.  Fixed in 2.1c

J2PrinterWorks 2.1b release date: January 8, 2003


Known problems in J2PrinterWorks 2.1a:

1) getPrinterNames() finds no printers if paper size (MediaSizeName) specified.   Fixed in 2.1b
2) getPrintRequestAttributeSet() doesn't reflect paper size changed in native page setup dialog.  Fixed in 2.1b
3) Print and print preview ignore printer changed in native page setup dialog.  Fixed in 2.1b, must use J2Printer14 native dialogs
4) ArrayIndexOutOfBounds Exception in J2TablePrinter if print after setModel to larger table (unless call setTable again).  Fixed in 2.1b
5) JTextPane embedded components print as white space.  Fixed in 2.1b
6) clone() methods should throw exception when can't clone instead of print error messages.  Fixed in 2.1b

J2PrinterWorks 2.1a release date: December 5, 2002


Known problems in J2PrinterWorks 2.1:

1) J2TablePrinter "Flowable Unable to Make Progress" error when JTable cell taller or wider than a page.   Fixed in 2.1a
2) More sample apps fixed to work on Mac and Unix (problems due to Windows path names).  Fixed in 2.1a
3) Mac OS X uses full page coordinates, not printable area coordinates.  Fixed in 2.1a
4) Fix Print Preview Dialog shift when page orientation changes on Mac OS X.  Fixed in 2.1a
5) Mac JDK 1.4.1 hangs on separate print thread printing due to error in synchronization lock.  
Fixed in 2.1a
6) Need to document workarounds for JTable custom Look & Feel printing problems (Kunststoff, Mac, etc.).  Fixed in 2.1a

J2PrinterWorks 2.1 release date: October 7, 2002


J2PrinterWorks 2.0b Feature Requests:

1) Package sample applications as double-clickable jars.  Added in 2.1
2) Provide for optional single line border around J2TextPrinter.  Added in 2.1
3) Support Java Border in J2TextPrinter, J2TablePrinter, J2TreePrinter, and J2PanelPrinter.  Added in 2.1
4) Support Java Border in ImagePanel. 
Added in 2.1
5) Print preview dialog should not exceed screen size (+ room for Windows task bar).  Added in 2.1
6) Allow serial number to be set in J2Printer constructor.  Added in 2.1
Known problems in J2PrinterWorks 2.0b:
1) J2TreePrinter duplicates last row of page at top of next page.   Fixed in 2.1
2) Changing orientation or margins in cross-platform print dialog doesn't work the first time.   Fixed in 2.1
3) Icons missing and JTrees empty for sample apps on Mac (due to Windows path names). 
Fixed in 2.1
4) Can't turn outline off in J2PrintToImageTest sample application.  Fixed in 2.1
5) Unsigned applets put up 3 "Confirmation Needed" dialogs on first print.  
Fixed in 2.1 (now 2, Java won't do less)
6) Cross-platform print dialog always displays "Pages 1 of 1".  Java bug, logged with Sun, workaround in FAQ
7) Print preview comes up empty for applets under Netscape 7.0 (prints OK).  Bug in Java Plug-in JDK 1.4, fixed in 1.4.1
8) Doesn't work under Java Web Start (unless application is signed). 
Added in 3.0

J2PrinterWorks 2.0b release date: September 4, 2002


Known problems in J2PrinterWorks 2.0a:

1) J2PanelPrinter scale corrupted after print preview for content bigger than screen.
  Fixed in 2.0b
2) Should be able to call setParam method from any J2Pageable.
  Fixed in 2.0b
3) Print preview shouldn't recenter on screen after it is moved.
  Fixed in 2.0b
4) Image at end of J2TextPrinter document can run over footers.
  Regression in 2.0a, fixed in 2.0b

J2PrinterWorks 2.0a release date: August 8, 2002

Known problems in J2PrinterWorks 2.0:

1) J2TextPrinter form feed (page break) support not working.  Fixed in 2.0a

2) J2TextPrinter doesn't paginate HTML tables properly on row boundaries.  Fixed in 2.0a

3) J2PanelPrinter TILE mode drops pages when paginating horizontally.  Fixed in 2.0a

4) J2PanelPrinter content prints clipped to screen size if it hasn't been displayed.  Fixed in 2.0a

5) Documentation on print progress events is missing.   Fixed in 2.0a

J2PrinterWorks 2.0 Final release date: July 3, 2002


No problems reported in 2.0 beta 4

J2PrinterWorks 2.0 beta 4 (release candidate) release date: June 24, 2002


J2PrinterWorks 2.0 beta 3 feature requests:

1) Add "printPreviewClosed" event.   Added in beta 4
2) Add ImagePanel setImage and setScale methods.    Added in beta 4
3) Need option to make getBufferedImage reuse previous Image memory.    Added in beta 4, now called getPageImage
4) Need sample printing applets.    Added in beta 4
5) Zoom in/out PrintPreviewDialog. 
Added in 3.0
Known problems in J2PrinterWorks 2.0 beta 3:
1) J2TextPrinter that starts with an HTML table has its top border clipped.    Fixed in beta 4
2) Performance under setSeparatePrintThread(true) not as good as it was for 1.3 components.    Fixed in beta 4
3) Need to localize the default centerFooter ("Page ###") the same was as for PrintPreviewDialog.   Fixed in beta 4
4) Images in sample applications do not load if application and images packaged together in a .jar.    Fixed in beta 4
5) Print preview dialog does too much flashing on portrait to landscape changes.    Fixed in beta 4
6) Under JDK 1.4, main window stays in back after page setup or print dialog.
   Bug Parade #4514422,  workaround in sample apps
7) Number of pages not recalculated after page setup is called from print preview dialog.    Fixed in beta 4
8) J2TextPrinter prints one blank page rather than no page for an empty JTextPane.    Fixed in beta 4
9) In cross-platform print dialog, page setup tab does not reflect the values from the regular page setup dialog.   Fixed in beta 4
10) In J2TreePrinter, JavaBean icon also displays at run-time instead of just design-time.  
Fixed in beta 4

J2PrinterWorks 2.0 beta 3 release date: May 15, 2002


J2PrinterWorks 2.0 beta 2 feature requests:
1) Add getBufferedImage(pageNum) to "print" a page to an Image + saveBufferedImageToJPEG.   Added in beta 3
2) Add a prepareRenderer method to J2TablePrinter for off-screen JTable with custom TableCellRenderer.   Added in beta 3
3) J2TextPrinter should shrink-to-fit to one page wide to handle wide HTML docs.   Added in beta 4
4) Side-by-side  (2 column and wrap around) Flowables.  Defer to future release
5) Support for PDF printing.   Added in 4.0
6) makeHTMLPane shouldn't return until JTextPane is really ready (e.g. if HTML uses IMG from over a network).    Fixed in 3.4
7) Sample program Detailed Page Setup dialogs need to support JLabel (not just String) headers/footers.  
Added in beta 3 (J2PrinterWorkTestApplication)
Known problems in J2PrinterWorks 2.0 beta 2:
1) After invoking PageSetup from PrintPreviewDialog, only Thank You page is shown when PrintPreviewDialog updates.  Fixed in beta 3
2) Rows clipped from end of table if using variable row heights and a custom TableCellRenderer.  Fixed in beta 3
3) StylepadPrinter demo only runs under JDK 1.4.   Fixed in beta 3
4) Progress report in demo programs says "Printing 1 of n" where n doesn't include Thank You page.   Fixed in beta 3
5) Documentation errors in the individual component "Using as JavaBeans components" sections.  Fixed  in beta 3
6) In product-enabled release, right header prints in center header position.  Fixed in beta 3
7) Print preview uses lots of memory and doesn't release it (similar memory problems in printing?).  Fixed (we think)  in beta 3
8) J2TextPrinter sometimes prints erroneous "Flowable unable to make progress" error messages.   Fixed in beta 4
9) J2TextPrinter sometimes clips right end of long lines.   Appears to be Java Bug Parade #4352983
10) JTextPane bold, italic, or underlined words print shifted left or right depending on preceding characters.  JTextPane bug, reported to Sun

J2PrinterWorks 2.0 beta 2 release date: April 30, 2002


J2PrinterWorks 2.0 beta 1 feature requests:
1) Need ability to display Page Setup dialog for individual Pageables, not just overall J2Printer values.  Added in beta 2
2) Print stack trace for caught printing exceptions. Added in beta 2
3) Allow intermixing of JDK 1.4 PrintRequestAttributes and J2Printer print options.  Added in beta 2
4) Internationalization for more locales. Added in beta 2 (German, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch)
5) Subclassable PrintPreviewDialog or reusable PrintPreviewPanel.   Added in beta 3 (getBufferedImage)
6) Provide solution for JLabel clipping bug (Java Bug Parade #4352983).   Workaround documented in beta 3
7) Per-Flowable scaling within a J2FlowPrinter.  Added in 3.0
8) Top-of-page white space elimination in J2TextPrinter. Defer to future release
9) J2TextPrinter "widow" support (keep next n lines together on page or support <nobr>...</nobr>).  Added in 3.2 (use VerticalGap test gap)
10) Make PrintProgressListener an official class, not just sample code.  Added in 3.0
11) Add "Go to page #" feature and First/Last Page to PrintPreviewDialog.  Added in 3.0
12) Two-page PrintPreviewDialog.  Added in 3.0
Known problems in J2PrinterWorks 2.0 beta 1:
1) J2TablePrinter setPrintArea(Rectangle) method missing. Fixed in beta 2
2) Some set/getHorizontalAlignment, set/getVerticalAlignment method names misspelled.  Fixed in beta 2
3) J2TablePrinter setOutsideLines method declared "deprecated" but shouldn't be.  Fixed in beta 2
4) Internationalization support in print preview dialog broken. Fixed in beta 2
5) JDK 1.4 cross-platform dialogs don't display correctly. Fixed in beta 2
6) Shorten default headers. Fixed in beta 2
7) Thank You page doesn't fit on small portrait pages. Fixed in beta 2
8) J2Printer bean icon should be visible at design time but invisible at run-time.  Fixed in beta 3
9) BeanInfo classes not in synch with actual properties. Fixed in beta 3
10) Top edge of header box sometimes clipped under minimum margin settings.  Fixed in beta 3
11) JTextPane line spacing paragraph attribute doesn't work.  Bug Parade #4242645, fixed in JDK 1.4.1, documented in beta 3

J2PrinterWorks 2.0 beta 1 release date: April 8, 2002


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